Monarchy In The USA – Concert Review

Monarchy got the intimate crowd moving and grooving last night at their NYC debut show at the Highline Ballroom theater. I arrived just as the band was doing setup, and they were dressed head-to-toe in white jump suites and masks that made them look like they were the ill-fated participants at Carrousel from the 1970s cult classic, Logan’s Run.
Once finished they dashed back stage and returned in a NY minute, sans Logan outfits, replaced by their signature suits, leather vest harnesses and black leather masks and began their set with Black Is The Color of My Heart, the lead track off their excellent debut, Around The Sun. Monarchy got the crowd dancing with their second number, Love Get Out Of My Way, and by their third song, Phoenix Alive, found their footing with the crowd with a momentum that continued to grow throughout the evening. Human was performed acapella, with harmonizer effects that proved both chilling and moving. They proved themselves as accomplished musicians on Floating, where the lead singer rocked it out with a solo on his clear, neontastic lit electric guitar that transported the crowd back to the 80s.

Maybe I’m Crazy

A subdued electronic remake of Here Comes the Sun followed, which gave the audience a brief needed rest for they saved their two biggest hits, I Won’t Let Go and Maybe I’m Crazy for last, songs that got the crowd worked up into a frenzy, causing the whole theater to jump up and down and sing along – something unusual for a normally reserved New York audience. After the band left the stage, the crowd demanded a 3?! song encore, which seeing the band has only one album worth of material to work off from and had already played nearly every track, seemed unlikely, but Monarchy returned to the stage and performed Gold In The Fire to the appreciative crowd. Overall a great evening whose only shortcoming was that it felt way too short.

Photo/video credits: Allison Gates

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  1. AKG says:

    Neontastic… Love it!!

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