Washed Out – Call It Off

October 31, 2011

We have been writing quite a bit about “chillwave” maestro, Washed Out lately, especially his new single, Amor Fati, which is getting a single release, November 14. On that single is another “B-side” track called, Call It Off, and we have to tell you we absolutely adore it and its lush synths that roll in and out like ocean waves. It is a quality track that could easily be released as a single, and we are not sure why he decided to leave it off his debut album, Within and Without. Enjoy.

Call It Off

Bop2pop: Halloween Edition with Miss FD, Glass Candy and Emmon

October 31, 2011

Woooo….. It’s Halloween and to get you into the proper spirit, we thought we would profile a couple of “scary” videos that have come our way in the past few months. We dare you to watch without being frightened… to death! Be afraid folks. Be very afraid!

Miss FD – Love Magick
This cheesetastic video finds our witchy vixen casting dance spells onto an onslot of hipster zombies. Can she keep her zombies at bay, or will the eat her…alive!

Emmon – Distance
It seems like every video taken from Emmon’s excellent Nomme album has a spooky-themed video. Perhaps it because horror-themed videos are a good fit for her dark music themes, pale skin and jet black hair. Here she is leading a seance to a group of couples, whose lives look innocent enough, but the future tells a different, more sinister story. Watch out for animated human/butterflies hybrids and wailing arms.

Glass Candy – Halloween
Just as we post our holiday edition, we find this video, an homage to the John Carpenter classic film of the same name. Glass Candy hail for Portland, which seems to be the latest American city of electronic artists (we have featured other Portland artists Soft Metals, Logan Lynn and Finesse).

Who Sung It First: Come On by Will Young and Kish Mauve

October 29, 2011

We have been really impressed by Will Young‘s his latest album, Echos, which is the result of his collaboration with one of our favorite producers, Richard X. Come On is to be the second single off this album. We particularly love this video which starts off very kitschy and in the same vein as the Christopher Guest mockumentary, Best In Show, but soon veer into inspirational and warmhearted territory (we even teared up a little bit near the end).

You may not know this, but Come On is actually a cover by British electronic duo Kish Mauve. Although they may not be household names, you are probably familar with their collaborations with Kylie Minogue. In 2007 Kylie remade their single, 2 Hearts, which was the lead single off her X album and in 2010, they reunited with her and wrote All the Lovers which was the lead single off her Aphrodite album. They even scored a cult hit on their own with Modern Love).

Which version do you like better?

Will Young

Kish Mauve

Miracle – Good Love

October 29, 2011

Miracle occupies that purgatorial space between Mirrors and Hurts. Their music has wonderful swooping synths and epic-like key changes that create urgency and drama that verges, yet never quite crosses over into pretentiousness or campy terrain. Good Love is their followup to their single, The Visitor (with it’s Zombie inspired video we covered here), that has them shifting gears into italio-disco territory, which they accomplish to great effect. We like its retro moodiness and envision it on the soundtrack to a schlocky 80s horror flick. Single out November 27.

Miracle – Good Love

Where Are They Now: Orbital

October 26, 2011

Then: Orbital are considered one of the most prolific electronic artists of the 1990s who are known as much for their live improvisation performances as they are for their music. Orbital was founded in 1989, when brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll recorded rave anthem Chime on their father’s cassette deck. It would chart in the top 20 and put them on Top of the Pops. Their profile rose in 1992, when they reversed the vocal track of the Opus III song It’s A Fine Day to create Halcyon and the accompanying remix for it (retitled Halcyon + On + On). This remix would be a fan favorite and it has appeared on countless film soundtracks. Their third album, Snivilisation would utilized vocals by a then relatively unknown, Alison Goldfrapp. In 1994 they released In Sides, whose single, The Box, saw them enter the top 20 for a second time and it would become their best selling album. The found their most success from with the singles Satan Live and The Saint. The former was a collection of live recordings while the latter was an updated version of Edwin Astley’s theme song that was used in the movie of the same name. Subsequent albums, The Middle of Nowhere and The Altogether would be certified Silver. Orbital broke up shortly after the release of their final album in 2004 (The Blue Album).

Orbital – Halcyon from Libro ZloeAloe on Vimeo.

Now: Having re-formed in 2009 after half a decade of solo experiments, brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll are together again with a new song and video, Never, The band is also letting fans download it for free off of their website. The track is to coincide with a tour and a new album which they plan on releasing sometime next year.

Free Download

The Ice Choir – Two Rings

October 25, 2011

Brooklyn’s The Ice Choir lovingly mixes the Petshop Boys aesthetic with plaintive vocals similar to Tears For Fears to create a seemingly paradoxical mix of melodrama and calm that blends together effortlessly. Two Rings is their debut single to be released next month. Of course it doesn’t hurt that these guys are also just as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears.

Two Rings

OMG Video: Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

October 25, 2011

From the duo who brought you Barbra Streisand comes a new song whose video is going to get everyone talking. We are not sure if we should call it OMG or WTF and are torn between feeling it is the most brilliant video of the year or just really stupid and juvenile(they are total dickheads, get it? R-R-R), so you will have to watch and judge for yourself. Just in case you didn’t pick up the subtext, this is definitely NSFW.

Guilt Free Remixes (Robyn, Monarchy, Duran Duran, Patrick Wolf, Garcon Garcon, Lana Del Rey and more…)

October 24, 2011

Here we are again with another addition of Guilt Free Remixes. All the remixes listed below can be downloaded – for free! It’s a great way to introduce you to emerging artists so if you like what you hear, check out the original versions and support your artists. For this edition, we have included artists we have been writing a lot about recently and we are so excited about the list. Enjoy.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans[Nikonn remix]

Robyn – None of Dem (Clancy Discoteca Remix)

Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Drop Out Orchestra edit)

Tyson – After You’re Gone (The Magician Remix)

Patrick Wolf: Together (Garcon Garcon Remix)

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (Sam Sparro and Golden Touch RMX)

Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Feat. Britt love) – Deep Space Acoustic Version

Bop 2 Pop: Snapshots (Mirrors, The Scientists of Modern Music, Fiorious, Schonwalk)

October 24, 2011

We have been hit with a bunch of emails lately of some new artists and artists we have covered recently, that are releasing some new stuff so we thought we would profile them all in one post. Check them out.

Mirrors – Shooting Stars
No sooner had we written about founding member Ally Young’s departure from Mirrors and the new material they had just completed (check out both songs here), had Mirrors contacted us directly and provided links to the news songs. We are going to repost Shooting Stars, which we love, which sees them more subdued and self-reflective, with it’s pout pop lyrics we always have a soft spot for.
Shooting Stars

Schonwald – Mercurial
Schonwalk are Italian synth-rock duo Alessandra and Luca. They create noisy atmospheres and hypnotic moods, similar in style as The Jesus and Mary Chain. Check out their new single, Mercurial.

The Scientists Of Modern Music – Girl On Top
We featured The Scientists of Modern Music awhile ago and their most excellent single, Because If I Die. They are back with a new single, Girls On Top. The single is a change in tone for them; gone is the drama and urgency, now replaced with optimism and hope. There is also a cool Vanguard Remix worth checking out.
Girl On Top

Fiorious – So Pretty (Scuola Furano Remix)
We featured Fiorious awhile back with his fabulous remake of I’m In Love With A German Star. He’s now back with 2 new upcoming singles, So Pretty and 7 Steps. We like both, but are especially taken by the Scuola Furano Remix that he is offering as a Free download in anticipation of it’s release. You can check it out here. Fiorious mixes electropop with funk with a voice that melts the heart.

Celluloide – Ordinosaure

October 23, 2011

Ordinosaure was originally the B-side for the digital single, Imprévisible, but it was so 8-bit amazing that Celluloide has decided to give it its own release, complete with remixes by Dekad and Foretaste (who we just featured here). To us it is the perfect updated french counterpart to Kraftwerk’s, Pocket Calculator. We love the video which is equal parts Kraftwerk and Royksopp.

And here is Imprévisible

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