Who Sung It First: Come On by Will Young and Kish Mauve

October 29, 2011

We have been really impressed by Will Young‘s his latest album, Echos, which is the result of his collaboration with one of our favorite producers, Richard X. Come On is to be the second single off this album. We particularly love this video which starts off very kitschy and in the same vein as the Christopher Guest mockumentary, Best In Show, but soon veer into inspirational and warmhearted territory (we even teared up a little bit near the end).

You may not know this, but Come On is actually a cover by British electronic duo Kish Mauve. Although they may not be household names, you are probably familar with their collaborations with Kylie Minogue. In 2007 Kylie remade their single, 2 Hearts, which was the lead single off her X album and in 2010, they reunited with her and wrote All the Lovers which was the lead single off her Aphrodite album. They even scored a cult hit on their own with Modern Love).

Which version do you like better?

Will Young

Kish Mauve

Who Sung It First – I’m In Love With A German Film Star

July 25, 2011

New artist, Fiorious has just released a super-stylized video for I’m In Love With A German Film Star, whose dark streets/fog heavy, seductive black and white video reminds bop2pop of a hybrid of Ultravox’s Vienna and Depeche Mode’s Strangelove videos. Fiorious’ falsetto perfectly compliments the sinister, stalker undertones of the song and creates the perfect ominious and chilling effect. Fiorious is a Bronx-born Italian-American who gave up his job as a pop music critic to create the music he loves. Upon release, the 1981 original by The Passions, didn’t leave much of an impact, only reaching 25 on the UK charts, but has later gone on to reach cult level status, being remade by a roster of bop2pop favorites such as Katsen, Kish Mauve and The Pet Shop Boys.

The Passions

Who Sung It First – “Barbra Streisand”

April 27, 2011

Last year, this funky track by Duck Sauce was massive in Europe and has had over 50,000,000 hits on Youtube and now that it has just been rediscovered on this week’s Glee, its potential to crossover from the dance world to the mainstream is all but assured.

Many people will insist the hook is actually from Boney M, and their song, Gotta Go Home in 1979. But is this the orignal version?

Actually, it is not. The orginal version goes back to 1973 by german band, Nighttrain.

Who Sung It First? “Little Black Angel”

March 28, 2011

Ladytron have amassed a decade long catalog of influential and catchy tunes. To celebrate the decade, they have just released a retrospective of many of their hits (but why oh why was She Took Him To A Movie not included and Evil only on the deluxe version?). Two new tracks, Ace of Hz, which was recently released and this track, Little Black Angel appear on the album. The song is super catchy and is actually a cover of Industrial innovators, Death In June, who first recorded it in 1992. To me, their version reminds me of Some Velvet Morning by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Which version do you prefer?

Ladytron’s Version

Death In June’s Version

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