Who Sung It First: Come On by Will Young and Kish Mauve

October 29, 2011

We have been really impressed by Will Young‘s his latest album, Echos, which is the result of his collaboration with one of our favorite producers, Richard X. Come On is to be the second single off this album. We particularly love this video which starts off very kitschy and in the same vein as the Christopher Guest mockumentary, Best In Show, but soon veer into inspirational and warmhearted territory (we even teared up a little bit near the end).

You may not know this, but Come On is actually a cover by British electronic duo Kish Mauve. Although they may not be household names, you are probably familar with their collaborations with Kylie Minogue. In 2007 Kylie remade their single, 2 Hearts, which was the lead single off her X album and in 2010, they reunited with her and wrote All the Lovers which was the lead single off her Aphrodite album. They even scored a cult hit on their own with Modern Love).

Which version do you like better?

Will Young

Kish Mauve

Will Young – Jealousy

July 29, 2011

As the winner of the very first Pop Idol (the original American Idol, before Kelly Clarkson for you Americans not in the know), Will Young was not really on our radar until two seismic events took place. First, he contributed vocals to the Groove Armada track, History, one of our favorites tracks last year and secondly, he enlisted Richard X (Annie, The Sound of Arrows, Mirrors, Saint Etienne) to produce his new album, from which Jealousy, is the first single. The track moves Will away from the saccharine of his idol days into the electronic/dance realm, and is a beautiful song about desire and unrequited love (we’ve all been there). We love the video, ridiculous premise and all, which finds Will performing in a circus act?! and longing after another male aerialist, who in turn, seems to be torn between him and his girlfriend aerialist. Oh what a web Will weaves.

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