Space March – You Are Electric

spacemarch electric

Back in in late 2011, Space March released Monumental, which went on to be one of our favorite albums of the year. We are happy to report, Space March (a/k/a Craig Simmons) is back with yet another delectable clump of sugary electropop-flavored cotton candy, Mountain King. Our choice for choice cut is You Are Electric which we like to think of as a sexier Julian Brandt portraying an intergalactic cowboy with Kraftwerk at the controls. Electrify me. Electrify you.

3 Responses to Space March – You Are Electric

  1. Ryan Draga says:

    Reminds me a little of Underworld’s early work (Before Darren Emerson, when they were a synthpop band)

  2. krafwerk is a good choice i have put in m music group on facebook so i can listen well done guys we are electric

  3. John Oliver says:

    I’m reminded of the VOCODER used in this track when I hear
    “You Are Electric”.

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