Marsheaux – Alone


We can finally exhale because the album we had been impatiently waiting nearly a year for is finally going to see the light of day and Undo Records has made a track that will appear on said album available to preview to quench our appetites. That’s right, Alone will appear on the long-awaited fourth original long player, Inhale, which now looks like it will now come out in April. The track is a shift for Marsheaux; it’s grittier and at times EBM-lite. It isn’t exactly the blissfully “whispercal” sound we have come to expect and simply adore, but it does not disappoint. What’s more we don’t really see Alone as a single, (that would instead be reserved for the Blondie-inspired, Come On Now), but rather a nice album opener. Momentum was building last year after a performance at TEC002 and the band promised a release date of July along with a world tour that created a frenzy for fans like ourselves. Were Marsheaux finally going to tour the US? As quickly as the news spread, it died and we heard nothing for nearly a year. Our friends at The Electricity Club chatted with the girls recently and were told “We had offers and we were talking with record companies so hopefully now it’s going to be released on April 2013… we can’t tell you the record company yet. We think it was worth waiting for it.” Does this mean big things are in store? We certainly hope so.

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