We’re in the Water – Clear

June 1, 2012

Last year, Fil Ok released the brilliant Fall in Love, so brilliant in fact, that it made the cut on our list for best singles of the year. Well a year has past and although there is no new Fil Ok, we are happy to report Fil Ok has again re-teamed with his muse, Kate Shortt, but has also added vocalists, Carolyn, The Thom and Miss Elly for his new project, We’re in the Water. They have just released their first track, Clear and gosh, is it ever the epic! Clear is a power pop ballad in the best sense of the word, whose sublime haunting synths and melancholic lyrics remind us of both Portishead and Depeche Mode at their respective peaks. It’s just the kind of stuff we eat up. We’re in the Water promise to release one video per week during the month of June in anticipation of their debut album, Delinquent. Expect greatness from this promising new project.

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