Tears for Fears – Pale Shelter

January 23, 2014


This was completely unexpected. Tears for Fears have teamed with music download site, Beatport, to provide remixers the opportunity to remix their classic track, Pale Shelter. It was our favorite track off our favorite Tears for Fears album, The Hurting (highly recommended if you haven’t heard it). Check out the link below to hear how the seminal track has been reinterpreted. We’re impartial to the excellent n.io remix.


As a bonus, here’s the original version video. Be sure to check out the paper airplane nailing Roland Orzabal in the eye at the end. D’oh!

Múm: Candlestick

January 19, 2014


We were first introduced to Icelandic Múm back in 2002, with their dreamy, Green Grass of Tunnel (we still have no idea what that is). Their style changes, however it is distinctly characterized by soft breathy vocals and unconventional instruments. Candlestick is no exception and we were immediately hooked by the retro 80s video arcade synths that introduce the track.

Byrta | Norðlýsið

January 18, 2014


Byrta are an Icelandic electronic duo who make blissfully synthful music that gleefully flirts with all that we adore from the 80s. The video, in stark contrast, however, starts off innocently enough, but abruptly veers into ultraviolent Tarrentino by way of David Lynch territory. Be forewarned.

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