Summer Camp – Always

July 22, 2012

Summer Camp are out to prove that crime does really pay and that being sociopathic “Bonnie and Clyde-style” cold-blooded killers can be both heartless and a whole lot of fun in their new video for Always. Serious questions of morality and ethics aside, Always is instantaniously catchy and you can never really go wrong with that.

Future Unlimited – Lightweight Eyes

July 22, 2012

Nashville’s Future Unlimited are back with a new track that is utterly dreamy and dancey?! Lightweight Eyes seems custom-made for headphones and the band is offering up the track up for the mere price of a tweet.

Calfskin – Fade Away

July 22, 2012

Belgium synthpop artist, Calfskin (Konstantin De Winter) recently alerted us of his new impressive ep, Standing Eight, and we are totally digging it. Channeling Depeche Mode at their most marvelously gloom amd doomy, we first gravitated to Fade Away as our take-away track. Be sure to check out Calfskin’s Band Camp Page, where he is offering a guilt-free download to single, One Step Over.

Baron von Luxxury – The Lovely Theresa

July 22, 2012

We featured the very The Human League sounding, The Lovely Theresa back in February, and even back then we knew it had “single” written all over it; so imagine our suprise to find out it will indeed be released as a single and that there is now a video for said song. It appears on Baron van Luxxury‘s debut album, The Last Seduction which can be found on his BandCamp Page.

Post War Years – Glass House

July 4, 2012

Post War Years are a London-based band who specialize in dreamy synthpop. They have just released a video for Glass House, which is the title track of their debut EP. We like the low budget video that plays like a cross between an old Dr. Who episode, Logan’s Run and the seminal A-HA video, Take On Me. Kudos to the band who have made the audacious move in making Glass House a guilt-free download.

Glass House

Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy

July 4, 2012

We are mesmerized by the dream-like video for Her Fantasy, the new single by Matthew Dear that pays tribute to avante-garde filmmaker, Kenneth Anger. That track will appear on Matthew Dear’s new album, Beams that is scheduled to be released at the end of next month.

Strangers – Safe/Pain

July 4, 2012

Perennial bop2pop favorites, Strangers are back with a new single/video for Safe/Pain. The song is getting a bit of buzz ever since Vince Clarke deemed it “epic”. Well we are huge fans of these blokes and can’t think of anyone else out there right now who does epic melancholy better. As a bonus, we are including the track, If I Found Love. Released last year, the band is making it available as a guilt free download.

If I Found Love

Dark Phenomenon – Love is True

July 2, 2012

Russia is seeing a renaissance of quality synthpop with bands like Tesla Boy. Dark Phenomenon (a/k/a R.A.Radchenko) may cite Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys as his main musical influences, however, we are also getting a strong Mark Almond vibe with a dash of Camouflage, with new single, Love is True.

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