De/Vision – Superhuman

August 31, 2012

For those of you not familar with De/Vision; they are a german synthpop group formed in the late 80s who have stayed true to their synth roots, releasing a seemingly countless number of albums. To us, they are the band who picked up the synth torch from Depeche Mode when they veered off and had their “rockstar” phase and have carried it ever since. They have just released their new album, Rockets and Swords and we confess we weren’t really taken by first single, Brotherhood of Man, but it’s the album track Superhuman, or as we like to call it, “supercamouflage”, that has us all excited and tingly inside (we also dig the Visage-inspired Boy Toy). Unfortunately the band has only made available a snipplet, but it’s not really hard to find the full version if you go looking, but we are posting it anyway in hopes some buzz may build and we can get this track released as a single.

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