Bright Light Bright Light – A New Word To Say

May 25, 2012

Just in time for the holiday weekend, Bright Light Bright Light is back, this time surrounded by an assortment of pastoral colored shapes in his new video, A New Word To Say. We have lost track of how many videos (we think 4) that have come out in support of his forthcoming debut album, Make Me Believe in Hope, out next month. If you like your music easy, breezy and with a not-so-subtle hint of nostalgic 90s dance pop, you can do no better.

Bright Light Bright Light: Waiting for the Feeling

March 22, 2012

Men love to play with their balls. The balls in question, however, are not porn-worthy, but rather the ones used in sports (sigh). It’s on display in the sexy new video, Waiting for the Feeling, a video that is neck-high in playful symbolism, saturated colors and is undeniably the most up front, out loud and proud video we have seen from him. Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) is a folk singer reinvented as pop star in-waiting who left us speechless in 2010 with his debut release, Love, Part II. It quickly became our favorite track of the year and still gets frequent airplay. Then last year, he returned with Disco Moment, a clever Will Young with a dance beat track that grew on us. With his third single, the self-described “male Robyn“, has established himself as an accomplished songwriter with an undeniable knack for turning out intelligent dance pop. Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, is out in June.

Bright Light Bright Light – Disco Moment

June 30, 2011

Bright Light, Bright Light, who last year gave us the brilliant, Love Part II, is back with a new single, Disco Moment. Singer Rod Thomas sports the same sexy scruff and is accompanied by a histrionic assortment of people, who wear tvs on their heads this time (last time it was triangular boxes which means he must have a larger video budget) and take “matchy match” to an entirely new level. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a disco vibe to Disco Moment as we envision it being better suited for an 80’s prom dance than the dance floor.

Disco Moment from Bright Light Bright Light on Vimeo.

James Yuill – Crying For Hollywood [Bright Light Bright Light ‘Red Carpet’ Mix]

June 14, 2011

Rod Thomas, a/k/a Bright Light, Bright Light released one of bop2pop’s favorite songs last year, Love Part II, and we are happy he is flexing his remixing muscles on a newish James Yuill track that he premiered on the Fear of Tigers podcast last week. Crying For Hollywood is a foltronica track that he tweaks in order to give it a more “into the clouds” feel, which nicely compliments its optimistic lyrics. We are especially excited to hear that a new BrightLightX2 single (and US release), Disco Moment, is due out in August.

Love Part II

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