Where Are They Now: Miss Kittin

Miss Kitten is the stage name of French DJ, Caroline Herve. In the late 90s-early 00s her signature sound of ice cool, detached, droll speak-singing became synonymous with the short-lived electroclash scene. Interestingly enough, her fame came from her collaborations with other artists; first with The Hacker (Frank Sinatra, 1982), Felix da Housecat (Silver Screen Shower Scene), and Golden Boy (Rippin Kittin, Autopilot). By 2004 the electroclash scene had been pronounced dead and with it many of the artists who had defined the genre. Miss Kitten decided to branch out on her own and released her first solo album, I Com. The album was well-received critically and saw minor success in Europe. It was followed up by Batbox in 2008 and Two in 2009, but neither of these albums made much of an imprint, although Kitten is High from the former was a return to her original sound.

Miss Kittin is back and is giving fame another shot with a new album, Calling From The Stars, due out next month. To gear up for the release, she has just released an ep, Baseline, the video for which appears below.

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