Marnie (Ladytron) – The Hunter

May 31, 2013


We were not fans of Ladytron’s last album, Gravity the Seducer. To us, it just didn’t sound synthpop, and therefore, not Ladytron. It felt like they were taking themselves way too seriously, so when singer Helen Marnie announced she would be releasing a solo album, we weren’t sure what to expect, but merely hoped for the best. Well, we are happy to report, lead single, The Hunter sees an about face, albeit, a little lighter, towards the Ladytron we had orignially fallen in love with. Some may argue it is a step back, but we feel you shouldn’t mess with a formula so endearing. Our only gripe? What is seriously up with that hair?!

La Folie – Her New Dress

May 28, 2013


We love icy-detached synthpop, especially when sprinkled with irony, so of course, we would be taken by Her New Dress, the debut single by La Folie, which instantly recalls Yello‘s I Love You. La Folie is the new project from Marc Houle, who recently collaborated with Miss Kitten on her latest EP, Where Is Kitten.

Le Couleur – Vacances de 87

May 28, 2013

Le Couleur Voyage Love

INXS may had woke up to find their dreams washed away, but together, with the pairing of Le Couleur and French Horn Rebellion, this duo has changed our world. Vacances de 87 is sexy slick and wrapped up in sun-drenched synths. It is sublimely perfect to wet our appetites for the impending summer. Of course the sexy and kitschy video doesn’t hurt.

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