Harouki Zombi – Soldier’s Gun

January 2, 2013

Ultra-cool Harouki Zombi is the performance art duo of Nina Barnes and Orenda Fink. They describe themselves as part DJ, part visuals; all hedonistic delights. The trippy dance-track recalls ever so slightly, to us anyway, the short-lived “commercial phase” of Danielle Dax (Tomorrow Never Knows) so you know we are going to just eat this stuff up.

Alexander Geist – Bad Language

May 30, 2012

We have fallen deeply and in love with the twisted Bad Language, the debut single by Alexander Geist who mixes Marc Almond attitude with Blancmange styled vocals over a Moroder back-beat. The single, along with What I Mean To You, are taken from the 7″ High Five Series 4, out now.

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