OMG Video – The Shoes: Time to Dance

March 15, 2012

You may want to rethink, however tempting the idea, of accepting an invitation by Jake Gyllenhaal to hang out at his pad after watching this new, ultra-violent video by The Shoes. In it, Jake is a deeply tortured man turned serial killer who seems to be taking a page directly out of by the American Psycho playbook. You see, he is obsessed with his appearance and decides to dispatch his young trendy victims through a variety of sickening means including fencing swords, household objects and railings. Although this is not ideal to the young attractive adults who happen to cross his path, it is ideal for The Shoes, a relatively unknown band, who have reached nearly a million You Tube hits in just a few days.

OMG Video: Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

October 25, 2011

From the duo who brought you Barbra Streisand comes a new song whose video is going to get everyone talking. We are not sure if we should call it OMG or WTF and are torn between feeling it is the most brilliant video of the year or just really stupid and juvenile(they are total dickheads, get it? R-R-R), so you will have to watch and judge for yourself. Just in case you didn’t pick up the subtext, this is definitely NSFW.

OMD Video: Columbus – Hubble

June 20, 2011

Munich-based duo, Columbus have created an 80’s sun-tastic video for a song that could easily have been done by Yello back in the day. Filled with aerobics and leotards, pyramids and high priestesses and a melting cassette deck, Hubble, which thankfully doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, is the perfect hot summer song.

Columbus – Hubble

Columbus - Hubble from The Crystal Beach on Vimeo.

OMG Video: Golden Bug – Sex Beat

May 26, 2011

There is so much testosterone and sexual energy in this song, I could get an std simply by watching it. Spectacular horrific special effects loaded to the nills with sexual innuendo make this video an instant classic! Apparently, some of the aliens are big on breast plates. Perhaps, Rupaul should take note and do a special Drag Race: Alien Edition season. This years Sex On Wheelz.

OMG Video: Kazaky and Lady

April 8, 2011

I am excited to introduce a brand spanking new feature where I show you a video that leaves me aghast and mouth a-jarred. It may not be the best song in the world, but they definitely know how to work it

Today we have double feature creatures. First up is Ukrainian Gay-Oriented Dance (GOD music) boyband Kazaky and their video for Love. Even though I openly admit that the lyrics kinda really suck, I am totally hooked by the visuals and beat, especially the tempo change near the end. I am also totally embarrassed to admit I have downloaded it onto my mp3 player (playing only when wearing headphones of course to avoid public humiliation).

Next Up is Lady who seems to be channelling (or proudly embracing) her inner skank for her video to Yankin – my new spring anthem. She dares to go to places where the sun don’t shine and I don’t ever want to visit.

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