Annie – Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts


It has been a far too long 4 years! since we had last heard Annie, whose seemingly forever-delayed, brilliant Don’t Stop (in both incarnations since the album, scheduled to be released in 2008, was dropped by her label causing her to swap a few tracks and release it independently the following year). Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts is a shift for Annie, who like many other artists, are leaving the 80s behind to embrace more experimental 90s elements. We prefer this ode to 90s rave culture over club Little Boots, as it is more dark and forboding (and as the video demonstrates, what could be more menancing than a rooftop spin class!) while still retaining shreds of the Annie we love. And speaking of love, although the track may not be as catchy as Songs Remind Me of You, the title rocks!

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