Eleven:Eleven – No Words

June 24, 2012

Eleven:Eleven are back with the second installment of their Through the Veil album series. For the uninitiated, Eleven:Eleven will release one new track each month until a full album worth of material is released. We love the electropoppy No Words, which reminds us of early Berlin , which is totally a really big compliment you know, in these parts. Be sure to support these guys in way you can and if you are in Houston, check them out when they perform during Pride.

Eleven:Eleven – Little White Lies

May 4, 2012

Eleven:Eleven are back, but now it is payback time. After building a strong international following by releasing a string of wonderfully synth heavy tracks and remixes guilt-free (a few of which we have covered on these pages), they are set to release their first proper single, Little White Lies, non-gratis. Little White Lies is the first release of 10 tracks that will collectively be called, Through the Veil. It is all part of their brilliant viral marketing strategy to release tracks gradually instead of a physical album. We feel it is your and our moral duty to give back the same love they had bestowed upon us, so click on the buy link and show your support.

Eleven:Eleven – Eyes On Board

April 19, 2012

In anticipation of their new album, Through The Veil, Eleven:Eleven are making one final track, Eyes on Board available to download, a-la, guilt-free. More a remix than new material, Eyes on Board is actually a new, radically different version of Pawn. Whereas Pawn was a sexy, dirty, electro stomper, Eyes on Board is more loungey and breezy…that is until the killer chorus kicks in. We are including both versions for comparison. Which version do you prefer?

Eyes On Board


Eleven:Eleven – Electric Sex

February 28, 2012

Eleven:Eleven are an electro disco band hailing from Austin, Texas. They have built quite the following, largely due to single, Electric Sex, which they are making available as a guilt-free download. We love the sound, we adore the look, and we think these guys are going to really take off. Be sure to check them out on Facebook for more information and electronic goodness. We are also including the just released, Lucky One Remix.

Electric Sex

Electric Sex (Lucky One Remix)

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