Little Boots – Superstitious Heart

January 18, 2013


Little Boots is back with another track that again veers away from her synthpop roots and more into obscurity. But perhaps this is her point since she is releasing it under the pseudonym, LB. Superstitious Heart is a subdued number; it doesn’t have the power of an earthquake, but it won’t necessarily alienate fans. LB states she has wrapped up her second album so here’s hoping there will be a shred of the Little Boots we used to love.

Little Boots – Headphones (video)

June 7, 2012

Will this finally be the official return of Little Boots? For the past few months Little Boots has released a spattering of tracks that have served to tease us, but were not heavily promoted nor indicated she was ready to again conquer the UK charts. What has become certain, however, is her regrettable steadfast determination to stray from the 80s Moroder-inspired synthpop sound of her debut, Hands that was so utterly infectious. Headphones continues this trend into 90s disco house but we feel, unlike her other recent outings that its love-ability and funk-a-liciousness serves as her best yet shot at returning to former glory. In the video, Little Boots enters a Peep Show where instead of finding cheap thrills, the patrons discover their extroverted alter-egos. We are also including the Jellybean sounding Dimitri From Paris Radio Edit Remix.

Dimitri From Paris Edit

Little Boots – Every Night I Say a Prayer

May 1, 2012

Little Boots is having a “ball” in her new video, Every Night I Say a Prayer, that seems inspired on a personal level to the late 80s and early 90s when vogueing competitions filled the clubs of NYC and whose culture was wonderfully explored in the documentary, Paris is Burning and not so wonderfully sanitized for the masses by a certain Madonna song. Although we weren’t keen on the out-of-sync flashing lyrics and the cringe-worthy white socks, we feel the video captures the early 90s house sound quite nicely. Best of all, she is answering our prayers by giving away the single.

Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer

April 23, 2012

Little Boots is making yet another track, Every Night I Say A Prayer, and its Tensnake remix, available as a guilt=free downloads. The track, produced by Hercules & Love Affair‘s Andy Butler, sees Little Boots continuing her shift away from post 80s-style synthpop towards the less commercial, but better respected, dance-floor. With so much riding on her make-or-break sophomore album, we worry she may be committing commercial suicide here, but the track is good, if not immediately memorable, and regardless, we still have enormous respect for her as an artist who is making the music she wants to create. Critics were unfairly harsh on Hands (which we loved), claiming she was an artist in search of an identity, but here at least, she is carving a nice niche for herself, even if it means she won’t be selling a gazillion mp3s. And just maybe, that is the whole point. Every Night I Say A Prayer is out today on Trax Records.

Every Night I Say A Prayer

Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake Remix)

Baron Von Luxxury featuring Little Boots – That Disco Beat

February 16, 2012

In 2008, DJ/Producer Blake Robin, under the moniker of Baron Von Luxxury, provided a remix to a then relatively unknown Little Boots on her track, Meddle. Now Little Boots has returned the favor by providing guest vocals for his track, That Disco Beat. The track appears on his just released album, The Last Seduction, available on his Bandcamp Page for a mere “Name Your Price”. We are also including another album track, The Lovely Theresa, that reminds us of The Human League.

That Disco Beat Ft. Little Boots

The Lovely Theresa

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