Hot Chip – Night & Day

May 24, 2012

Holy Interplanet Janet! Hot Chip are set to concquer the world; now if only they could learn how to properly land their spacecraft in the new silly video for Night & Day. You know you are in for a fun ride when you have dancing monks in hoodies, hot shirtless guys worshipping an egg deity, a cheesey sci-fi camero by supermodel Lara Stone, and a tagline from the director that proclaims, “Many animals were harmed during the making of this video. Regrettably, none of them made the final edit.” All-in-all, Night & Day is a funky electronic tune that will get you up grooving. It will appear on Hot Chip’s forthcoming album, In Our Heads.

Hot Chip – Flutes

March 15, 2012

Hot Chip are back (after various side projects) and are previewing this track off their forthcoming album, In Our Heads, due out in June. If you get dizzy easily you may want to avoid the video that shows the band in their recording studio and includes footage of a camera spinning around the room. Joe Goddard says the inpiration for Flutes came from James Holden‘s remix of Nathan Fake‘s, The Sky Was Pink. As to what to expect from the album, he describes it as being optimistic. “There’s a lot of positivity. I often ask myself what the point is of making pop music– is there any kind of real point? Is it something worthwhile for me to be doing with my life? I try to remember the positive things in my life, and there are lots of them at the moment. I’m just trying to express that to people at the moment. Hopefully, that positivity spreads to people that hear it.”

Shit Robot – Losing My Patience

April 21, 2011

Here is the new single by Shit Robot featuring vocals by Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor. Apparently Alexis was personally attached to this project since he has also contributed a mix.

Shit Robot - Losing My Patience from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Shit Robot – Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix)

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