Little Boots – Superstitious Heart

January 18, 2013


Little Boots is back with another track that again veers away from her synthpop roots and more into obscurity. But perhaps this is her point since she is releasing it under the pseudonym, LB. Superstitious Heart is a subdued number; it doesn’t have the power of an earthquake, but it won’t necessarily alienate fans. LB states she has wrapped up her second album so here’s hoping there will be a shred of the Little Boots we used to love.

Marsheaux – Alone

January 18, 2013


We can finally exhale because the album we had been impatiently waiting nearly a year for is finally going to see the light of day and Undo Records has made a track that will appear on said album available to preview to quench our appetites. That’s right, Alone will appear on the long-awaited fourth original long player, Inhale, which now looks like it will now come out in April. The track is a shift for Marsheaux; it’s grittier and at times EBM-lite. It isn’t exactly the blissfully “whispercal” sound we have come to expect and simply adore, but it does not disappoint. What’s more we don’t really see Alone as a single, (that would instead be reserved for the Blondie-inspired, Come On Now), but rather a nice album opener. Momentum was building last year after a performance at TEC002 and the band promised a release date of July along with a world tour that created a frenzy for fans like ourselves. Were Marsheaux finally going to tour the US? As quickly as the news spread, it died and we heard nothing for nearly a year. Our friends at The Electricity Club chatted with the girls recently and were told “We had offers and we were talking with record companies so hopefully now it’s going to be released on April 2013… we can’t tell you the record company yet. We think it was worth waiting for it.” Does this mean big things are in store? We certainly hope so.

John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts

January 16, 2013


Gorgeously seductive and hypnotic (like an electronic Jim Morrison), Pale Green Ghosts is the new single by John Grant, who is seen sporting some serious man beardage in this mesmerizing video. The track is taken from his sophomore solo album of the same name, which was recorded in Iceland and will feature backing vocal work by no other than Sinead O’Connor. This track should appeal to synthheads and the indie crowd alike.

Sally Shapiro feat. Electric Youth – Starman

January 16, 2013

It’s a musical collaboration that could only made by the musical gods; Electric Youth has teamed up with Sally Shapiro for the new single, Starman. The song will appear on Sally Shapiro’s long awaited forthcoming album, Somewhere Else. Like previous other-worldly single, What Can I Do, Starman takes us on a whimsical journey upward towards the stratosphere and into the glow of stars. Best of all, writer/producer Johan Agebjorn is offering the single, guilt-free, simply by signing up on the mailing list. You know what to do…

Monarchy – Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese

January 16, 2013


We freely admit we were a tad skeptical at first, but after watching the video to the new Monarchy single, Disintegration, Dita Von Teese proves herself a capable talk singer in a video where we haven’t seen the theme of “the disintegration of the American housewife” perfected this well since The Eurythmics listened to Beethoven. Disintegration is the welcomed return of Monarchy, and in case you missed it, check out our concert review when they were in NYC last year here.

As a bonus get a free remix by the always incredible Mighty Mouse

Daybehavior – A Train to Moscow

January 16, 2013

Follow That Car-Front

If you are no stranger to bop2pop, you are certainly no stranger to Daybehavior, a band we have championed tirelesssly since our inception. They simply make some of the most sublime synthpop these days and it is criminal that they haven’t found a massive audiance. A Train to Moscow is the fifth! track to be picked for a single release from Follow That Car, our choice for album of last year. If you haven’t fallen in love with them yet, feast your ears.


January 16, 2013


Get your glowsticks out and get ready to glow as SIRPAUL is back with a new video and second single, Glow, which is taken off SIRPAUL‘s excellent 2011 album, The Horse. The gorgeous and otherworldly video is reminiscent of something you might expect from The Sound of Arrows and it suites SIRPAUL perfectly.

Duck Duck Punch – RGB

January 7, 2013


Just when we are about to begrudgingly accept that the musical landscape was permanently skewed towards indie pop and “witch-house” along comes this anthem that restores our faith in electronic music. RGB, our first anthem of the year, is by Minneapolis electroteers, Duck Duck Punch. We also digging the video, which plays like a Robert Palmer video gone very very wrong. Best of all, Duck Duck Punch is offering this delectable single, guilt-free, simply by signing up for their emailing list. You can also preview their upcoming album, which
has quite a nod to synth pioneers Human League.

Harouki Zombi – Soldier’s Gun

January 2, 2013

Ultra-cool Harouki Zombi is the performance art duo of Nina Barnes and Orenda Fink. They describe themselves as part DJ, part visuals; all hedonistic delights. The trippy dance-track recalls ever so slightly, to us anyway, the short-lived “commercial phase” of Danielle Dax (Tomorrow Never Knows) so you know we are going to just eat this stuff up.

Sky Ferreira – Lost In My Bedroom

January 2, 2013

She defiantly vowed not to release it, but we are so glad she did, for Lost In My Bedroom, the new Sky Ferreira single, is our pick for guiltiest pleasure of last year, in no small part because it is the track that most captures the spirit and energy of classic Goldfrapp (Strict Machine era). The grainy, video has a distinct home-movie feel to it and comes with a disclaimer warning of possible seizures. Of course it also features a sweaty Ferreira looking pouty and giving her best blank stares.