Bright Light Bright Light – Disco Moment

June 30, 2011

Bright Light, Bright Light, who last year gave us the brilliant, Love Part II, is back with a new single, Disco Moment. Singer Rod Thomas sports the same sexy scruff and is accompanied by a histrionic assortment of people, who wear tvs on their heads this time (last time it was triangular boxes which means he must have a larger video budget) and take “matchy match” to an entirely new level. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a disco vibe to Disco Moment as we envision it being better suited for an 80’s prom dance than the dance floor.

Disco Moment from Bright Light Bright Light on Vimeo.

John Maus – Head for the Country

June 28, 2011

We at bop2pop are still a bit confused as to what evil doings singer/composer John Maus is up to in his new video for the excellent, Head For Country, that seems inspired by the cheesy science fiction movies of the 80s. The harsh winter setting perfectly complements the dark and forboding vocals that seem buried under mounds of ominous synthesizers. The result creates an absolutely chilling effect. Our only complaint, and a small one at that is that although we think the video, directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, is fantastic, we have to wonder who was responsible for letting him stroll out in the snow with untied shoelaces (:51)


Fil Ok – Neon Ghost

June 28, 2011

We at bop2pop are especially excited to let you know that artist Fil Ok is set to release his new album, Neon Ghost, to the masses. It contains bop2pop favorite, Fall In Love, which we raved about last month. Sounding like the twisted love child of Felt Mountain era Goldfrapp and Marc Almond at his most delectably sleazy, Fall In Love contains the perfect mix of melodrama and pop. Extra kudos need to go out to Kate Shortt, who effortlessly masters droll yet soulful vocalizations. You can now purchase this track along with the album (US) on Itunes and Amazon.

Let Someone Have It Sweet

Class Actress – Keep You

June 27, 2011

Brooklyn’s Class Actress, who opened for Little Boots last year in NYC, is set to release her debut album, Rapprocher, due out in October. Keep You is the sweet opening track, smothered in sublime synths, which we at bop2pop, love.

Class Actress – Keep You

Careful What You Say

Update: A special thanks goes out to David Dean Burkhart who has alerted us to an unofficial video he has made of the song that wonderfully splices scenes from the 1967 movie, Anna. It’s wonderfully talented fans like him, who can help an artist reach a larger audience. Bravo!


Shindu – Happy House

June 27, 2011

With a video filled with lots of smiling faces, confetti and a party atmosphere, Belgium’s Shindu, who by taking the song’s title literally, completely reinterprets the mockery of the original, by Siouxsie and the Banshees , and makes it friendly for the clubs. The EP is out today.


Shindu – Happy House (Midnight Savari Remix)

The Sound Of Arrows – Magic 2011

June 24, 2011

We confess we were a little afraid when we found out The Sound Of Arrows were refurbishing a song they had released 3 years ago to be their second single off their “Is it, or isn’t ever going to be released?”, debut album. Often times, when bands “redo” singles it is by speeding up the tempo and adding a few gimmicks in an attempt to make it more “commercially viable”. Usually, this fails (I Melt With You and Blue Monday immediately come to mind). We were also kinda angry, and we were not alone (judging from some comments on their Facebook page), when said video was only viewable in the UK (we are based in America, specifically NYC). We could not see it, feel it, touch it, heal it, let alone hear it.

Then we finally saw the video. OMG! The video for Magic lives up to its name and unveils as the story of two kids who wake up to find they are the only humans left in a world now inhabited by monsters. Think of it as cross between Where The Wild Things Are and our favorite guilty pleasure of the 80s, Night Of the Comet. The Sound Of Arrows have also pulled off the seemingly impossible task of taking a great song and actually improving it. Bravo guys! We are no longer afraid. We apologize for even thinking of doubting you.


The Sound of Arrows – Nova (Archlight Remix)
The Sound Of Arrows – Nova

Logan Lynn – Quickly As We Pass

June 24, 2011

Out Portland electronic artist, Logan Lynn has released a new video for his single, Quickly As We Pass and it has a wonderfully 80s synth vibe, complete with blips and bleeps. In the video, things start innocuously, but then veer supringingly into NSFW territory at around 2:15. We at bop2pop, love the retro feel of the song and video.


Update: A special thanks to Logan Lynn for posting our post on his Facebook page and posting our review on his website.

Mirrors – Look At Me 2011

June 24, 2011

Mirrors are back with a new video for a new version of Look Of Me, the second single to be taken off their excellent Lights And Offerings album. The video begins in white, temporarily confusing the person watching that there may be something wrong with their video codec, but soon computerized atoms appear and collect and form a naked singer and his various body parts, but not naked enough to show the naughty bits. Halfway through a kaleidascope effect (similar to Goldfrapp‘s Strict Machine) is used (we were kinda grossed out by the extra set of teeth) and then everything abruptly ends. This video is in stark contrast to the band’s previous image of suites and ties. Could this simbolize the naked emotions and vulnerabilty of the song and singer? Let’s face it, I rather see them naked than wear an emotionally “raw” meat dress.


Florrie – I Took A Little Something

June 22, 2011

Light and breezy, like a nice spring/summer leisurely weekend stroll, Florrie is back with a third single and video in about as many weeks, with I Give You Something, off her 6 track ep, Experiments. You would think that with an album and single title like these, Florrie was advocating for relaxed drug laws, however, as this video demonstrates, the only thing Florrie is high on, is life itself and walking around the city while her music plays in the background. We were slightly taken back by bed fellows Dolce & Gabbana, however, we realize everyone is doing product placement these days (we lost count of how many products Lady GaGa was pimping in Bad Romance), and we can excuse her for it, since she is releasing these songs and videos without the help of a major label (hopefully, she got to keep the clothes!). Sounding a little like a cross between Freemasons and Kylie, I Took A Little Something is the song off her EP that stands the best chance of crossing over. We wish her well because she deserves fame.


Where Are They Now – Duran Duran

June 21, 2011

Then: Taking their name from the movie Barbarella, Duran Duran were formed in the late 70s in Birmingham by Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy. By the time they released their debut album in 1981, lead singer Stephen had left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Simon Le Bon (with additional members Roger and Andy Taylor). At first they had embraced the look and sound of the New Romantic movement, notably debut single, Planet Earth, but this would not last long. Their second album, RIO, saw the band adopt a more polished image and radio friendly sound. The change proved wildly successful, producing 4 hit singles, including Hungry Like The Wolf, that would win over the hearts and minds of millions of American teenage girls and gay boys. Hit single after hit single occurred including the most successful selling James Bond theme song (A View To A Kill).  Duran Duran would become household names and one of the top selling artists of the 80s.

Now: Although The band never broke up, (but did go through a series of lineup changes), like many bands that became famous in the 80s, their profile dimmed as alternative rock (grunge) and rap became fashionable. They did score a hit in 1993 with Ordinary World, but for Duranies, this was an alien sound and they were no longer the band they had fallen in love with. The core members, Simon Lebon, Nick Rhodes, John, Andy and Roger Taylor would reunite in 2001 (although Andy would leave again in 2006) and score a moderate hit, (Reach Up For The) Sunrise, that saw a semi-return to their sound. The band parted ways with their record label in 2009 and recently released, through an independent label, All You Need is Now. Girl Panic is off this album and sees them again returning to their roots and the sound that made girls (and boys) swoon in the 80s.

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