Alexander Geist – Bad Language

May 30, 2012

We have fallen deeply and in love with the twisted Bad Language, the debut single by Alexander Geist who mixes Marc Almond attitude with Blancmange styled vocals over a Moroder back-beat. The single, along with What I Mean To You, are taken from the 7″ High Five Series 4, out now.

The Slow Waves – Underbelly

May 30, 2012

Take a late night Drive with The Slow Waves, whose new track Underbelly sounds like a collaboration between Royskopp and Bronski Beat who were comissioned to create this track for the Drive soundtrack. Best of all, Main Course Records is making Underbelly available as a guilt-free download.

Thank Gay Oriented Dance (GOD), It’s Friday: Kylie Minogue – Timebomb

May 25, 2012

…and the heavens opened and down descended Kylie, who gazed upon her gaggle of gays and declared, “Do you wanna dance like it was the last dance of my life?” They nodded in agreement for they knew what they needed to do. Hands up boys, its Friday.

The Sound of Arrows – Conquest

May 25, 2012

Although we were secretly hoping My Shadow would be the next single release, epic pop purveyors, The Sound of Arrows have unleashed the gorgeous Conquest onto the world, and we are the better for it. It’s the fifth single to be lifted off their debut album, Voyage, which has the distinction of being our first (and currently only) choice as best album of the year. We are not sure what the DeLorean is doing in this medieval/science fiction video, but feel it magically conveys the speed and conquest of this mystical imaginary world. No one does epic better.

Bright Light Bright Light – A New Word To Say

May 25, 2012

Just in time for the holiday weekend, Bright Light Bright Light is back, this time surrounded by an assortment of pastoral colored shapes in his new video, A New Word To Say. We have lost track of how many videos (we think 4) that have come out in support of his forthcoming debut album, Make Me Believe in Hope, out next month. If you like your music easy, breezy and with a not-so-subtle hint of nostalgic 90s dance pop, you can do no better.

Hot Chip – Night & Day

May 24, 2012

Holy Interplanet Janet! Hot Chip are set to concquer the world; now if only they could learn how to properly land their spacecraft in the new silly video for Night & Day. You know you are in for a fun ride when you have dancing monks in hoodies, hot shirtless guys worshipping an egg deity, a cheesey sci-fi camero by supermodel Lara Stone, and a tagline from the director that proclaims, “Many animals were harmed during the making of this video. Regrettably, none of them made the final edit.” All-in-all, Night & Day is a funky electronic tune that will get you up grooving. It will appear on Hot Chip’s forthcoming album, In Our Heads.

Tesla Boy – Fantasy

May 23, 2012

Our favorite Russian synth maestros, Tesla Boy are back with a new single, Fantasy. Although not as immediate and a bit lighter than the tracks off their brilliant 2010 album, Modern Thrills, Fantasy does not stray from their synthpop/nu-disco template. As always, the production is top notch and with each new release, we see their popularity growing by leaps and bounds. Expect greatness.

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