Emmon – Slottet

August 31, 2011

Turn off the lights, turn on the strobe lights and turn the music up, way up, for Slottet, the third single off of Emmon‘s excellent new album, Nomme. Emmon’s vocals take a backseat to the thumping synths, which is quite a departure from first single, Distance, which also featured a horror-themed video. This time around, Emmon is wandering around the woods at night wearing different colored stockings (where is she storing all of these stockings!) while computerized glass animals frollick about, then finally explode because of Emmon’s dancing (kind of like what the people did in that Florence and the Machine video). Of course we love it.


James Pants – Clouds Over The Pacific

August 30, 2011

James Pants is an American multi-instrumentalist, whose music transends in-the-box categorization. His new single, Clouds Over The Pacific, is a trippy affair, sounding something like what a 1950s American housewife would put on to clean around the house while on opiates. The video’s visuals are conceived by Iasos, who, according to Wikipedia, is considered one of the founders of New Age music, which kind of makes sense since the musical genre kinda mirrors the calming effects of taking valium. Of course it goes without saying that we want to take the psychedelic video and make it our new screensavor.


Purity Ring – Belispeak

August 29, 2011

With colliding elements of electro, hip hop and future pop that grind together to sound like an updated soundtrack to a Dario Argento horror film, Purity Ring meshes the best elements of Salem and Crystal Castles to create their own unique sound. Its harshness may be too confrontational to some, however, give it a chance and fall under its spell.

Belispeak- Purity Ring from Tallulah Fontaine on Vimeo.

Tiger Baby – Crystal Ball + Landscapes (Hilton Cocoa Beach Mix)

August 29, 2011

Danish Tiger Baby are back with their third album, Open Windows Open Hills, that gets its release today. First single, Crystal Ball, was released earlier this year and although we are impatiently awaiting a sound stream and video for their second single, Landscapes, a chilled remix of the future single has surfaced.


Tiger Baby – Landscapes (Hilton Cocoa Beach Mix)

Crystal Ball

Washed Out – Amor Fati (free download)

August 28, 2011

We featured Washed Out a few months ago on here and we wanted to alert you to our favorite track off his excellent, Within and Without album that is being made available to download for free on amazon.com. It’s a perfect introduction if you are not familar his chilled-out blend of synthpop.

Amor Fati

Simulover – Tourniquet

August 27, 2011

Simulover is the brainchild of DJ Alex Lauterstein and SIRPAUL. Together, they create the perfect pop mix of clubby dance beats and sleaze with debut single/video, Tourniquet, a tour de force of sexual desire and tease. It’s a style that immediately conjures up comparisons to Dangerous Muse and Soft Cell, but these guys bring a fresh, clubbier take on it. The fetish themed video has a Bruce La Bruce feel to it, with our boys recreating fantasies of domination and submission, but mostly submission (it is NYC after all). we were hoping that they would strip down and go at it in the video, but this was not meant to be, and something tells us it’s because they enjoy being all tease.


Where Are They Now – Cause & Effect

August 24, 2011

Then: Cause & Effect are an American Synthpop band that were most popular during the early 1990’s and were one of the last synthpop bands to reach moderate success in the US charts. Their debut album, Another Minute, contained two top 10 dance hits and two US charted singles. The most successful of these singles, You Think You Know Her, peaked within the top 40. Things were looking very promising for the band, but tragedy struck the following year, when co-founding member and keyboardist Sean Rowley suddenly died when on tour with Information Society. Vocalist/guitarist Rob Rowe took some time off and recruited Keith Milo to create a reformed band. In 1994, they released their second and final major studio album, Trip, that included It’s Over Now which was to be their last song to make the US singles chart. It was also a change in sound that featured guitars more prominently against a clubby backdrop.

Now: Cause & Effect never broke up and have released albums independently every few years or so and have experimented with different sounds. The band is releasing their fifth studio album, Artificial Construct as a three-part series (how very
) to be released over the course of the year. They have just released a single and video for the “part 2” of the series called Happiness Is Alien.

Voltaire Twins – Animalia

August 23, 2011

Working that taxidermy chic in a video that looks like a morgue scene from Six Feet Under, Animalia, the new single by Voltaire Twins is an instantly catchy synthpop track that is being made available to download for free, simply by liking their Facebook Page! To me, it sounds like a poppier Crystal Castles with the yelling bit from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool‘s Dance The Way You Feel thrown in for a sublime hook. Visit their website and be sure to log into Facebook beforehand to get the remix package.


Soft Metals – Voices

August 23, 2011

We featured Soft Metals awhile back on here, and are digging the dance elements of new single, Voices. We also like the trippy vocal treatment which remind us of our favorite tripster, Vanessa Daou . The cool video is inspired, not suprisingly, by the films of Suspiria director, Dario Argento. Soft Metals are a psychedelic synthpop duo out of Portland who have recently released their debut cd. Definitely worth checking out if that is your thing.


Sisely Treasure – That You Like

August 21, 2011

Shame on us for being initially aprehensive about this new awesome single by Sisely Treasure, a former The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll contestent who went on to replace Carah Faye Charnow of Shiny Toy Guns , who although not responsible for, still sung on that dreadful Major Tom remake. Well Sisely is no longer with Shiny Toy Guns and has branched out, releasing That You Like, a sweet, summer, synth heavy pop track, produced by THE remixer-of-the-moment, Dave Aude. The video finds her frolicking on the beach which painfully reminds us of the vacation we wish we could be having. Fans of Shiny Toy Guns will probably hate this, but since we were never fans of them (gasp) to begin with, we can embrace the sugary pop obvio-currents and love she is expressing herself more truthfully, even if it means she probably won’t make any money.

We are even more shocked and wowed she has included a mix by no other than Information Society! This is simply too good to be true, but management confirms. Single out at the end of the month.


Information Society! Mix

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