Appaloosa: Sinister

March 14, 2012

Late last year we featured the Appaloosa track, Patchwork, and now they are back with not one, but two new videos for Sinister. We love its synth hook that recalls a slowed-down In Between Days (The Cure). Of the two videos, we prefer the amateur dance-tastic one, which we included below. It is directed by Alexandra Vogt.


Appaloosa – Patchwork

December 14, 2011

Appaloosa‘s deadpan delivery against the backdrop of melodic beats on new single, Patchwork , transports the listener back to the glorious short-lived days of Electroclash. The video is directed by Virgili Jubero and lead singer, Anne-Laure herself. We have also included the easy breezey, dubby clubby piano-driven Kamp! remix and fantastic ATAR! remix for your listening pleasure.

Patchwork (Kamp! remix)

Patchwork (ATTAR! Remix)

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