The Voltaire Twins – Solaris

August 31, 2012

Those damn nipples got them banned! That’s right, after a mere 6 hours, the new video by Perth’s The Voltaire Twins was unceremoniously yanked from YouTube. We kinda see their point because the video for Solaris does have a lot of nipples on display; male and female. The band defends the video as art saying they painted the actors to make them look more tribal and less “orgy.” It’s a stretch, and it was probably what they had intended in hopes it will give them some notoriety; heck it has worked countless times before. Needless to say, watch with caution, since this video may NBSFW. Regardless of controversy, real or imagined, we love the song and feel it deserves a chance.

Voltaire Twins – Young Adult

April 11, 2012

Australian synthtronic popsters, Voltaire Twins have returned to the classroom in the video to their new single, Young Adult. If you like the track, they will be offering it up as a guilt-free download off of their website starting Friday. We really like these guys and had featured Animalia last August. For more information, consider becoming fans of their Facebook page.

Voltaire Twins – Animalia

August 23, 2011

Working that taxidermy chic in a video that looks like a morgue scene from Six Feet Under, Animalia, the new single by Voltaire Twins is an instantly catchy synthpop track that is being made available to download for free, simply by liking their Facebook Page! To me, it sounds like a poppier Crystal Castles with the yelling bit from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool‘s Dance The Way You Feel thrown in for a sublime hook. Visit their website and be sure to log into Facebook beforehand to get the remix package.


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