iamamiwhoami – Goods

June 7, 2012

Saving the best (or most accessible) for last, iamamiwhoami has released her final video, the disco-tinged opus, Goods which oddly is her most conventional outing yet. It will appear as the final track from her forthcoming album, Kin, due to be released on June, 11 2012. iamamiwhoami began her viral campaign in 2009 with a series of mysterious viral videos that obscured her visage. It garnered intense curiosity and conjecture as to who this mystery artist was. The artist, it turned out, was not Goldfrapp, Golden Filter, or even Christina Aguilera as some had speculated, but someone relatively unknown, Jonna Lee.

iamamiwhoami – in due order

April 11, 2012

Unless you are living under a viral rock, you have probably heard of iamamiwhoami. This internet sensation was born in 2009, when an unknown artist began posting a series of visually striking yet mysterious videos, seemingly connected to each other, but with the artist’s identity obscured. The videos were first identified by a series of numbers, then single letters and thus began a viral puzzle, very much in the tradition of video games like Myst, and with each new puzzle piece, excitement grew behind the meaning of the videos as well as the artist creating them. Rumors began circulating that everyone from Goldfrapp to Golden Filter to even Christina Aguilera was responsible for the clips, but eventually it came out that the identity belonged to a relatively unknown artist, Jonna Lee. For the past 3 years videos have appeared every few months and now there are approximately two dozen of them. After this seemingly forever tease, an audio-visual album, kin, will be released on June 11, 2012. Here is the latest video, in due order.

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