Crossover: Wraith in the Woodz

March 28, 2012

Let the Gloom begin. Wraith in the Woods, the new track by Crossover, is going to be the first track off the band’s new album, Gloom, scheduled for a May release. Check out the “pixelated” video that embraces a retro-synth aesthetic (ok, we are being really obscure, but it reminds us of the backside cover of Pete Shelly’s “Homosapian” album).

Echo: Daydream

March 26, 2012

Heralding back to the glorious days of synthpop’s infancy, Echo formed after meeting in Barcelona in 2011. Mickaël Valli and Alexandre Portils Torner shared a mutual love of minimal synths and maximum attitude. Earlier this year they dropped their debut EP on ultra-cool label, Romance Moderne, which Daydream, with its gloriously retro synths and new wave attitude is taken from. We are happy to report they are currently in the studio working on their debut album.


Das Kitten: Anything More

March 23, 2012

Das Kitten are a self-described “sassy” synthpop band comprised of Tom Worsfold and Will McDowell. Their new single, Anything More, is a bouncy, upbeat synthpop tune in the same vein as Petshop Boys, but without the irony (they are the Rose to Petshop Boy’s Dorothy). Anything More also seems, oddly enough, to be both the counterpart and antithesis to the 90s hit, Your Woman (White Town). Whereas White Town rejected feelings of emasculation within a relationship, Das Kitten embraces it, for he is just glad to be back together. It almost seems to be the logical conclusion of what might happen once White Town left his partner and began having seconds thoughts.

Anything More

Night Vision – Keep Moving

March 23, 2012

Night Vision is a Brooklyn-based synthpop band made up of Davey Partain and Chuck Flores. They have made all their tracks available as guilt-free downloads on their bandcamp page. Keep Moving has a mid-80s synthpop vibe that we love. The video, directed by Ivonne Loyola, is shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you are in NYC, check them out when they perform tomorrow night, March 24, 2012 at Moon ii

Night Vision – Keep Moving from Ivonne Loyola on Vimeo.

Keep Moving

Blank Capsule: Compulsion

March 23, 2012

Blank Capsule is a Toronto-based band featuring members of Vitaminsforyou and Jokers of the Scene. They have just released this sexy, why bother getting dressed video for their synth-heavy, industrial-light track, Compulsion. It will be included as a digital bonus track for their upcoming single, Kill Me. The original was sung by Joe Crow, but Depeche Mode fans might recognize the track from Martin‘s solo EP, Counterfeit. We couldn’t place it at first so a special thanks to Jan who promptly reminded us.

“Compulsion” by Blank Capsule from Hi-Scores Recording Library on Vimeo.

Future Unlimited: When It Calls/Golden

March 22, 2012

Nashville doesn’t immediately come to mind when discussing synthpop, but that may change with the duo, Future Unlimited. They have just released their debut self-titled ep and are making it available as a guilt-free download. We are very impressed indeed.

When It Calls


Bright Light Bright Light: Waiting for the Feeling

March 22, 2012

Men love to play with their balls. The balls in question, however, are not porn-worthy, but rather the ones used in sports (sigh). It’s on display in the sexy new video, Waiting for the Feeling, a video that is neck-high in playful symbolism, saturated colors and is undeniably the most up front, out loud and proud video we have seen from him. Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) is a folk singer reinvented as pop star in-waiting who left us speechless in 2010 with his debut release, Love, Part II. It quickly became our favorite track of the year and still gets frequent airplay. Then last year, he returned with Disco Moment, a clever Will Young with a dance beat track that grew on us. With his third single, the self-described “male Robyn“, has established himself as an accomplished songwriter with an undeniable knack for turning out intelligent dance pop. Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, is out in June.

Bimbo Boy: Die From A Broken Heart

March 22, 2012

Die From a Broken Heart is the wonderfully melancholic new single from Sweden’s Bimbo Boy. It’s his first proper single since 2006’s Hi-NRG opus, Drama Queen. If the change in sound to italo-disco goodness sounds familar, it may be because it is co-written and produced by Le Prix and the same man behind bop2pop favorite, Cloetta Paris.

Die From A Broken Heart

Tanlines: All of Me

March 21, 2012

Brooklyn electronic/indie band, Tanlines have just released this video for All of Me, taken from their newly released debut album, Mixed Emotions. The weird video begins very trippy and David Lynch -like; a man presents a mysterious tape to an seemingly coma-induced corporate crowd in a dark-lit room, but director Julian Barratt (of british comedy troupe, The Mighty Boosh) changes tone as the tape gets played (revealing an Ed Sullivan-like performance of the band), for it enlivens the stoic crowd and gets them up and dancing; if only for the duration of the song.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

March 19, 2012

Lana Del Rey is back, this time taking a dangerous poolside dip in this sylistically monochromatic, frequently out-of-focus, brand spanking new video for Blue Jeans . The video also marks the return of that hunky, heavily-tatooed video boyfriend from Born to Die. Of course it wouldn’t be Lana Del Rey without lovelorn lyrics, pouty looks, and a “love is dangerous” theme so the pool is filled with crocodiles that attempt to come between their love. The video ends with Lana sinking into the abyss, which I am sure is not lost on her detractors. Of course we love it and love her.

As a bonus, here is our favorite remix of the song, by the amazing Nikonn.
Nikonn Remix

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