Bunny Lake – Satellite Sky

June 24, 2012

The Viennese electro synthpop duo, Bunny Lake are back with another single, Satellite Sky, the third to be taken from their soon-to-be released album, The Sound of Sehnsuct. We really dig these guys, whose 2010’s album, The Beautiful Fall was on some serious rotation in these parts. Satellite Sky is a breezy, pretty number; not one for the clubs, but perfect for those times when you want to stay home and find something to relax to.

Bunny Lake – Young Lovers

December 16, 2011

Bunny Lake have released a video for their new single, Young Lovers, which will appear on their forthcoming album, The Sound of Sehnsucht. The video is directed by 15?! year old, Jim Holderied.

Bunny Lake – Follow The Sun

September 29, 2011

We are very excited to present to you the new Bunny Lake single and video, Follow the Sun. The Austrian Bunny Lake have been on our radar since their 2009 album, The Beautiful Fall, which contained the brilliant 1994, Army of Lovers and Into the Future. Although the lyrics are sparse, there is a perpetual movement about Follow the Sun and a yearning to escape one’s current circumstances. To escape what is explored in the video that has a strong social justice and environmental theme. Follow the Sun will appear on their new album, Sound Of Sehnsucht.

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