Sylver Tongue – Creatures

April 16, 2012

Welcome to the synth-side. Sylver Tongue is the latest project by former Ash guitarist and Kim Wilde as inspiration song writer, Charlotte Hatherley. Creatures follows the guilt-free download, Hook You Up and is scheduled for a May release. In the video, directed by Ruth Sewell, Charlotte spends most of her time laying in bed in a red lit, bizarrely decorated hotel room and is visited by some trippy characters reminiscent of something you would in a Bat for Lashes video.

Sylver Tongue – Hook You Up

January 12, 2012

Sylver Tongue has just released a video for Hook You Up, a wonderfully chilled electronica track that she is making available as a guilt-free download. The track is her debut single and has been produced by James Rutledge (who has done work for Fever Ray). A beautiful track.

Hook You Up

Sylver Tongue – Hook You Up

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