Thorunn Antonia – Too Late

February 14, 2012

We love italo-disco with light airy vocals, especially if it has a hefty serving of cheese (is there any other kind?), so naturally it should come as no surprise that we are totally digging, and feel no shame about Too Late, the new single and solo project of Iceland’s Thorunn Antonia. If the name is not familar, perhaps the voice is. Thorunn Antonia has provided vocals for tracks by Beck and Junior Senior and was the former singer of the British band, Fields. Although the video capitalizes on using vintage footage as a gimmick to express relevancy (we like to call it, “the Lana del Rey effect“), this video has the unintentional consequence of being a real hoot since Thorunn Antonia comes accross dangerously close to looking like a sexed-up drag queen transported into a Twilight Zone episode. Needless to say, this is precisely why we love the video so much.

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