Florrie – Shot You Down

June 23, 2012

There was little doubt that the first track off of Florrie‘s excellent new Late EP would be Shot You Down, an infectious pop number that has a great build. Not sure why she is looking so pouty (verging on angry) here, but nonetheless it works. Is it just us, or does anyone else get a Marsha Brady vibe here? The video is directed by Tom Gallon.

Florrie – I Took A Little Something

June 22, 2011

Light and breezy, like a nice spring/summer leisurely weekend stroll, Florrie is back with a third single and video in about as many weeks, with I Give You Something, off her 6 track ep, Experiments. You would think that with an album and single title like these, Florrie was advocating for relaxed drug laws, however, as this video demonstrates, the only thing Florrie is high on, is life itself and walking around the city while her music plays in the background. We were slightly taken back by bed fellows Dolce & Gabbana, however, we realize everyone is doing product placement these days (we lost count of how many products Lady GaGa was pimping in Bad Romance), and we can excuse her for it, since she is releasing these songs and videos without the help of a major label (hopefully, she got to keep the clothes!). Sounding a little like a cross between Freemasons and Kylie, I Took A Little Something is the song off her EP that stands the best chance of crossing over. We wish her well because she deserves fame.


Florrie – Experimenting With Rugs

June 9, 2011

We, at bop2pop, are not sure whether the title of Florrie’s new single,  Experimenting With Rugs is about embracing an obscure obsession that could easily be exploited on TLCs, My Strange Addiction,  suggests Florrie wants to do more than just “kiss a girl”, or she just digs mixing patterns and styles  in home decor. Regardless the meaning, we like it (although not as much as her debut EP, but definitely more than her last single). Experimenting With Rugs is to be taken off a soon-to-be-released, 6-track EP, Experiments. We have high aspirations for Florrie. She has avoided being watered down by the major labels, but instead produces and markets her music independently, which is what great music is suppose to be about. Is anyone else digging the pouty promo picture?

Florrie – Begging Me

April 29, 2011

When I found out Florrie was releasing a new song and video I got all tingly and excited. For those who are newbies to her, she is the drummer for Xenomania and last year branched out and released a spattering of wonderful singles and mixes that she…gave…away…for… free! Things looked very promising so it with great sadness to say that I’m just not feeling this with the same immediacy as I did her other releases. Fret not, however, because I am also including some of those songs which demonstrate the pop brilliance she can be.

Left Too Late

Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

Panic Attack (Fred Falke Mix)

Give Me Your Love

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