Rolla Scape – Nightwalk

November 6, 2011

Sometimes, especially when the goal is to simply get one up and dancing, you don’t need a lot of lyrics to drive your point across. Following the minimal catch phrase tradition of Musique Non-stop or Oh Yeah, Rolla Scape‘s latest, Nightwalk, only asks “Do you want to dance?” to get us hooked. We featured the Greek Rolla Scape awhile ago with Heaven Is Real, their excellent collaboration with bop2pop favorite, Marsheaux and we are glad to see they are back with a new track. Now dance.

Nightwalk – Rolla Scape from rolla scape on Vimeo.

Rolla Scape (featuring Marsheaux) – Heaven is real

August 16, 2011

Rolla Scape is the new project by Greek artist, Konstantinos Vita, who has enlisted the sweet soft whisperings of bop2pop fav Marsheaux for debut single, Heaven Is Real. Although there are a few different versions floating around, we prefer this one which strips the male background vocals out and sounds a bit like Tom Tom Club reimagining Depeche Mode‘s Everything Counts. It’s great background music for getting ready for to go out, getting your groove on or to play at a party.


Higuera Mix

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