Video Unwind- Miracle, Ice Choir, Duran Duran

November 19, 2011

Videos to songs we recently covered have emerged. Since we have already talked about the songs, we thought we’d combine all the videos into a single post.

Miracle – Good Love
First off we have the new single by Miracle. The guys are dressed to impress and look very Mirrors-esque in their video that incorporates religous imagery and gorey bits. We don’t know what’s going on and what it is suppose to symbolize, but we like it.

Miracle – Good Love from House Anxiety on Vimeo.

Ice Choir – Two Rings
An interersting spinning records effect is used by the debut video by Brooklyn’s Ice Choir, out of Brooklyn who sound like a cross between Petshop Boys and Tears For Fears. The single is out now.

Duran Duran – Girl Panic
We featured Girl Panic when we covered Duran Duran for our “Where Are They Now” segment and now they have gone back and done another fabulous video that pokes fun of themselves by having late 80s and early 90s supermodels portray them in a mockstyle documentary. It’s genius.

Miracle – Good Love

October 29, 2011

Miracle occupies that purgatorial space between Mirrors and Hurts. Their music has wonderful swooping synths and epic-like key changes that create urgency and drama that verges, yet never quite crosses over into pretentiousness or campy terrain. Good Love is their followup to their single, The Visitor (with it’s Zombie inspired video we covered here), that has them shifting gears into italio-disco territory, which they accomplish to great effect. We like its retro moodiness and envision it on the soundtrack to a schlocky 80s horror flick. Single out November 27.

Miracle – Good Love

Miracle – The Visitor

June 4, 2011

Miracle, who NME calls an “artier Hurts” is a cross continental affair. Steve Moore (Zombi), is from New York while Daniel O’ Sullivan (Sunn O, Cher) is from London. The result of their collaboration, The Visitor, is the first single to be taken off their debut EP. The atmospheric video finds our mates in a zombie mini-movie where they are forced to fight off a now very dead and muddy possible former love (or in bop2pop’s preferred version, she came between their love for each other, and they murdered her for it), from a blinding beam of light. How this eventually kills our zombie is not made explicitly clear, but for our money, we bet it is related to strategically placed hand gestures and choo choo aahs. Undeniably, Miracle have performed a miracle.

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