Strangers – Safe/Pain

July 4, 2012

Perennial bop2pop favorites, Strangers are back with a new single/video for Safe/Pain. The song is getting a bit of buzz ever since Vince Clarke deemed it “epic”. Well we are huge fans of these blokes and can’t think of anyone else out there right now who does epic melancholy better. As a bonus, we are including the track, If I Found Love. Released last year, the band is making it available as a guilt free download.

If I Found Love

Strangers – Shine On (video)

April 16, 2012

We’re big fans of Strangers, whose sweeping synths, epic choruses and heartfelt lyrics make us conclude that they have become synthpop’s answer to Journey, but with a darker twist (We proudly proclaim this without even a shread of irony).  Mere days after we had blogged about the fantastic Sensual Harassment Remix of Shine On, Strangers have premiered a video for the track.  Not much happens in the sparse video (lead singer sings, girl with too much eye glitter twirls; cue fog machine), but it doesn’t matter, since the the song stands strong on it’s own. The single is out today.

Strangers – Shine On You (Sensual Harassment Remix)

April 13, 2012

We fell in love with Shine On You by London synthpoppers, Strangers, so imagine our excitement when this lust-worthy remix by Sensual Harassment appeared. It takes the down-tempo, introspective track and elevates to the stratosphere with hands-in-the-air, feet-off-the-floor beats that compliment the melody in ways we had never dreamed (we especially love it at around the 3 minute mark). Strangers are generously making this remix a guilt-free download so grab it quick and shine on…

Shine On You (Sensual Harassment Remix)

Strangers – Shine on You

February 28, 2012

Get your lighter apps out for we hear a new anthem emerging. Shine on You is the new single by London’s Strangers. It follows Promises, which they released a couple months ago. Comparisions to Hurts notwithstanding, we feel the ballad, with its hands-in-the-air singalong chorus, epic lushious arrangement and pulsating bass line, has that extra something that may propel them to something bigger and greater.

Shine On You

And here is the video for their previous single, Promises

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