Thank God It’s Friday’s Flashback Video: Paul Young – Toast

July 22, 2011

Before Paul Young sung about his love for the common people, begged us to come back and stay and whose hair started to recede, he was in a band called Streetband that had this novelty hit in 1978. Paul looks adorkable and practically unrecognizable in this appearance on Top of the Pops when said song actually cracked the top 20 in the UK. How British.

Flashback Friday – Morrissey and Kim Wilde on “Pop Quiz” (1984)

April 30, 2011

Test your 80s trivia knowledge on this jaw-dropping musical game show from 1984. I’m totally on team Kim Wilde and Morrissey. Other panelists include members of Kajagoogoo and Simple Minds. The premise is pretty simple: play song bits, videos and song lyrics and then try to guess the artist and/or song. Morrissey seemed to get a break since he got questions about Echo and the Bunnyman and Nancy Sinatra (and Phil Collins?!). Great classic 80s snipplets make it worth checking out even though the sound volume is kinda low.

Part 1

Part 2

Flashback Friday: “Ralf and Florian”, The Kraftwerk Comedy Hour

April 22, 2011

Not suprisingly, the Kraftwerk sitcom comedy hour was never picked up. Watch the classic pilot episode, Ralf and Florian. The name of the show is derived from a 1973 album of the same name which has to this day never been released on CD. The show is very avante-garde late 70s, early 80’s, similar in style to the Andy Warhol Show on MTV, Liquid Sky and New Wave Theatre on Nightflight. The show is fascinating to watch in much the same way as watching a car crash on the freeway. My favorite bit begins at around the 2:30 mark where out of nowhere they start dancing to The Hustle.

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