Pet Shop Boys – Invisible

June 15, 2012

I confess I’ve been a bit invisible as of late. I am changing careers and got accepted into a program here in the city that pays for my masters (Special Education) while I teach in the NYC public school system. Classes began this week and with orienting myself to academia after a 20 year break, well, I neglected my duty of scouring the interwebs to provide you with the music I love. I had every intention of posting this when it came out a week ago, so my apologies for just getting around to it now. Invisible is the new track by my synthpop idols, Pet Shop Boys. I think this is just a taste of what’s in store and not a proper single, but nonetheless dig it’s moody tempo that is reminiscent of their Behavior Days. I hope you like it too. The track will appear on their 11th studio album, Elysium, which is due out in September.

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