Goldfrapp – Yellow Halo

December 12, 2011

Not with a bang, but rather a whisper, Goldfrapp end their relationship with EMI with Yello Halo, an sentimental and introspective number that will appear on a final Greatest Hits collection and that will be the final song released through EMI. The video, shot completely by an iPhone by Alison Goldfrapp‘s girlfriend, Lisa Gunning, includes concert footage and random shots of Alison frollicking in South America. The Singles will be released on February 6, 2011 and include tracks from their more than a decade-spanning career. We are a little disappointed at the exclusion of Fly Me Away, Alive and Pilots, but otherwise, this compilation is solid.

Goldfrapp – Melancholy Sky (Live Performance)

November 27, 2011

For those of us eagerly awaiting what direction the new Goldfrapp will sound like (their music changes dramatically with each album), we may have a preview of what’s to come with Melancholy Sky, a new song the band recently performed at the Mencap Noise Session, in London. Melancholy Sky is a beautiful ballad that is miles away from the in-your-face, poptastic, Head First album and sees a return to the subtleties of previous album, Seventh Tree (It may be no coincidence that they have changed their profile pic to their Facebook Band Page to this album cover). It will be interesting to see what else they have in store since parting with EMI.

Tesla Boy – Rebecca

March 28, 2011

Russian?! Synthpop band, Tesla Boy released one of the best albums within its genre last year, and third single, Rebecca came out earlier this year. I am not a big fan of compiled concert videos (are you hearing me Goldfrapp and thrown together, Believer?), because it screams “copout” in terms of production and concept, but I am willing to overlook it since this is a band you probably haven’t heard of, but if you are a synthpop lover, and hey, you probably wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, is worth checking out.

And here is their remix of ultra icy cool Sally Shapiro, Miracle

Queen Of Hearts – FreeStyle

March 27, 2011

Starting with a Giorgio Moroder template and mixing icy hints of Annie and Goldfrapp, Freestyle, the debut single by Queen Of Hearts screams super hit. Nothing is known about this artist, other than a video teaser and full song stream. Are you salivating yet? This song has the potential of being this year’s Stuck On Repeat.

Here is the entire song stream

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