Scarlet Soho – Solo KO

October 7, 2012

We are a little late to get around to posting this, but that doesn’t mean we are any less enthralled by the new Scarlet Soho single, Solo KO. Moody cinematic synths and lush dramatic arrangements recall Depeche Mode during their Stripped era. You can preorder their new ep off their Website. The ep comes out next month.

The Mystic Underground – Evelyn, You’ll Be The Death Of Me

October 7, 2012

Mystic Underground are a band based out of Brooklyn who embrace all things “synth and sass.” Their single Evelyn, You’ll Be the Death of Me appears on the recently released Dreamers and Lovers ep.

Low Tide Theory – To Begin Again

October 7, 2012

If you yearn for all things OMD, we think you are really going to dig Low Tide Theory, a new retro synthpop band from North Devon. They have a few tracks floating about and a promise of an album that seems to have yet materialize. We are taken by single, To Begin Again.

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