Queen of Hearts – Neon

May 10, 2012

What do hot soaking wet male dancers, a bathtub and some strategically placed decrepit bricks have in common? They are all merely warehouse props that frame our Queen of Hearts in her new video, Neon, which proves that when water and electricity mix, things sizzle! Although we get that our Queen commands our attention, and therefore does not need to prove it, we still would have liked to have had her get out of that damn chair and move around a bit more and have fun, girl!

As a bonus, here is the b-side, Tears in the Rain, which was produced by none other than Stefan Storm of The Sound of Arrows!

Queen of Hearts – Neon (Mark Reeder’s Electrically Excited Remix)

May 1, 2012

Mark Reeder has made gold yet again (the man is genius) with this pulsating new remix of Queen of Heart‘s latest single, Neon. Clocking in at nearly 8 minutes of pure bliss, its magic transports us back to the excitement we felt during Goldfrapp‘s glory days, and in particular their collaborations with Ewan Pearson. We’d pay good money for this remix, but thankfully QoH and Mark Reeder are offering it up for free.

Queen of Hearts – Neon

April 10, 2012

Queen of Hearts has disembarked the Goldfrapp train and has arrived at the land of the neon lights (say hi to Dannii for us) with her new stomping track, Neon. The song has only been on the interwebs for a couple of hours now and already the blogosphere is in a tizzy, declaring her the new Goldfrapp (even “out-Goldfrapping” them). This is a good thing and although we feel the comparison may overstate things, there is no denying Neon marries the very best aspects of Goldfrapp, but adds the commercial appeal of Kylie Minogue. We have championed Ms. QoH since the very beginning and we know she is on the verge of greatness. Just don’t forget us little guys when you are at the top.


Queen of Hearts – A Moment In Love

February 14, 2012

Queen of Hearts has a special Valentine’s Day treat for all of you. No, it is not a speed date (we couldn’t possibly win her affections if we had to compete against all her fabulous outfits), but rather a new track, A Moment In Love, which, like it’s namesake, she is making available as a guilt-free download for merely a moment (actually 48 hours worth of moments). Simple math tells us that since today is Tuesday, you will need to grab it by Thursday, otherwise pay the consequences. A Moment In Love is a track Kylie wishes she could have and is pure pop bliss with just a sprinkling of drama – just the type of thing we are looking for in a valentine. When we downloaded the track we noticed a number 4 preceding the track name, which causes us to speculate that perhaps a new album is under way. If so, a major, “Hurray!”

A Moment In Love

Our Picks for Top Singles of the Year 2011

December 20, 2011

Although comprising our list of top albums of the year was relatively painless, narrowing our list of singles, was daunting. It is purely a subjective list, captured at this moment in time (We are fully aware that if you asked us a month from now, the list may change). This list is also very personal. Since we started the bop2pop blog last March, we have covered nearly 300 singles, a few concerts and caught up with a few of our 80s idols. All of these songs are winners in our book, so to narrow the list to 20, exlcuding some in order to place others, was often very painful. But we had to do it, so like it or not (most likely you will not agree with everything or anything on our list), here are picks for top singles of the year.

20. Simulover: Tourniquet
Squeaking in on our list is the debut single by Simulover, the brilliant collaboration of SIRPAUL and Alex Lauterstein. We confess we love the S/M theme, which makes us feel oh so slightly dirty.

19. Holy Ghost: I Wanted To Tell Her
Our favorite remake of the year by Brooklyn duo, Holy Ghost which we like better than the original. Check out the really RAD video.

18. Fil OK: Fall In Love
We fell in love with this haunting ballad that sounds like the twisted love child of Felt Mountain era Goldfrapp and Marc Almond at his most ironically sleazy

17. Tie: The Good Natured: Video Voyeur / Icona Pop: Manners
We group these two bands together because they both bring an energy to their stage presence and we predict great things next year. The Good Natured’s Video Voyeur kind of reminds us of early Missing Persons (which is a very good thing) and they are a band to watch out for. We are including Icona Pop’s neontastic Manners video which seems inspired by the 80s cult film, Liquid Sky.

16. Tie: Garcon Garcon: Stay In Touch / Patrick Wolf: Together
We love this Garcon Garcon video that looks like something director Derek Jarman would create if he wanted to create an early Erasure video. Also stunning is the new Patrick Wolf single.

15. OMD: History Of Modern
Taken from last year’s album of the same name, this was the song OMD should have released first since it is the track that most captures the spirit and energy of OMD’s heyday.

14. Tie: Penquin Prison: Fair Warning (Oliver Mix) / Starlings – Sirens (Sanfernando Remix)
Two great songs made brilliant by simply stunning remixes. We will be featuring Sanfernando soon on our 2011 remix recap.

13. Electric Youth: Fade Away
Our top b-side pick by the band that got major exposure by appearing on the Drive soundtrack. Pure pop bliss!

12. Tie: Johan Agebjörn: The Last Day of Summer / Queen of Hearts: Where Are You Now
Both tracks simply sublime. Johan Agebjorn you may recognize from his work with Sally Shapiro and as for Queen of Hearts, she is our pick for breakout artist and who, in addition to creating great music herself, has collaborated with a who’s who at bop2pop (Johan Agebjorn, The Sound of Arrows, Monarchy, Fear of Tigers, Bright Light Bright Light)

11. Lana Del Ray: Video Games/Blue Jeans (Nikon Remixes)
Regardless what the cynics say, these are two beautiful songs made even more so by the gorgeous remixes by Nikon.

10. Beth Ditto: I Write the Book
Why did it make our top 10? Because Beth Ditto is fierce and she completely reinvented herself for the dance floor and outshined Madonna – Got to love it.

9. Monarchy: I Won’t Let Go
Our favorite track off of one of our top albums of the year, I Won’t Let Go updates the classic Chris Isaak track, Wicked Games (also check out number 11 which does the same).

8. Washed Out: Amor Fati
chilled synthpop at it’s finist (think A-Ha on Vicodin), we adored this track off of Washed Out’s Within and Without album. Best of all, he gave away the single for free!

7. Queen of Hearts: Freestyle
This was the song that started our love of all things Queen of Hearts and it is still our favorite. Queen of Hearts, if you are reading us, you enticed us with a fantastic video teaser, but then broke our hearts by never releasing the full video. Can we have a full video please?

6. Hurts: Sunday
Sunday was the last single taken off of the excellent debut album by Hurts. It’s our favorite track off the album and the video is simply stunning.

5. Marsheaux: Can You Stop Me
We think Marsheaux could record them practicing scales and it would still make our list. Can You Stop Me was a change in direction for Marsheaux (kind of a “harder” synthpop sounding Delerium) and we love it. We were hoping for an album, but alas it has yet to materialize.

4. Sound of Arrows: Nova/My Shadow
We would include the new version of Into the Clouds and M.A.G.I.C., but they both made our lists in previous years. Their debut album, Voyage, made our choice for album of the year.

3. Mirrors: Into The Heart
We loved, love, loved this single by Mirrors that should have gotten more exposure and been a bigger hit. Recent lineup changes had us a little worried about where the direction of the band would be going, but a couple of new tracks prove they are still the ultimate conveyors of quality synthpop.

2. Daybehavior: Silent Dawn
Simply epic track by a band we have been eagerly awaiting their new third album, Follow That Car, for awhile now. For the unconverted, Daybehavior incorporates cinematic dreamscape vocals and haunting melodies that would fit comfortably in a french 1960s spy film soundtrack. Their last single, It’s a Game, got remix treatment by our faves, Marsheaux.

1. Kid Kasio: Over and Over
Sounding like something Howard Jones would come up with if he was comissioned to write Depeche Mode’s Shake the Disease, Over and Over, tugged at our heartstrings and was the track, more than any other, we played…over and over. Kid Kasio promises his debut album will be out next year.

The Best of the Rest
Arcade Fire presents Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Austra – Spellwork
Bachelorette – Polarity Party
Bunny Lake – Young Lovers
Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons
Chart Music – All My Life
Citizens! – True Romance
Class Actress – Weekend
Computer Magic – The End Of Time
Faker – Dangerous (CSS remix)
Fiorious – I’m In Love With A German Film Star
Florrie – I Took A Little Something
GusGus – Over
Human League – Sky
Icona Pop – Nights Like This
Jessica 6 Prisoner Of Love (ft. Antony)
Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix (Feat. Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro) – Alice (Energy Mix)
John Maus – Head for the Country
Kites – The Disappearance of Becky Sharp (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)
Ladytron – Mirage
Mint Julep – Why Don’t We
Miracle – The Visitor
Mirrors – Shooting Stars
Neon Indian – Polish Girl
Nightlife – On the Run
Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
Northern Kind – Dreams
Northern Kind – Euphonic
Oh Land – Sun of a Gun
Queen of Hearts – Shoot The Bullet
Rimer London – Put Your Gun Away
Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend
Ronika – Only Only (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
Selebrities – Surrounded By You
Sisely Treasure – That You Like
Soft Metals – Psychic Driving
Space March – American Girl
Space March – Space Cowboy
Starlings – Dark Arts (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)
Starlings – Sirens (Sanfernando Remix)
Tesla Boy – Waste My Body
The Golden Filter – Mother (Cosmonaut 3AM Remix)
The Good Natured – Wolves
The Opiates – Anatomy of a Plastic Girl
The Scientists of Modern Music – Because If I Die
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble
Vanbot – Make Me, Break Me (Video)
Voltaire Twins – Animalia
Will Young – Jealousy
YELLE – Safari Disco Club
YELLE – Le Musique
Yuksek – On A Train

Our Picks for Top Albums of the Year 2011

December 15, 2011

We admit we are more of a singles blog, but there have been some albums that we have been listening to quite a bit, some we thought we would and aren’t, and some that we were told were to come out, but never did. We expected Ladytron, whose 2008’s Velocifero was our top album of the year to appear on this list, and although we respect the showmanship, in all honesty, we feel it is an album to be appreciated, more than to be enjoyed. Same for M83 and Bjork. A couple of bands on our list were to get major label releases, but things did not work out as planned, and they were released on small independent labels or self-released. Some of our most anticpated new albums by bands like Marsheaux, DayBehavior and Northern Kind have yet to come out. All the albums in our top 5 are debut releases. Perhaps this is a passing of the torch that comes with the dawn of a new decade. In addition we saw the re-emergence of the ep as a viable means of getting music out. So without further adeiu, here is our admittedly very subjective list of top albums of the year.

5. Monarchy – Around The Sun
With tracks like I Won’t Let Go, Maybe I’m Crazy, The Phoneix Alive, Love Get Out of My Way and Black is the Color of My Heart, there is so much to fall in love with by this duo who mix synthpop with dance. We feel it is a crime of the worst kind that these guys aren’t household names… yet. A great album to get your groove on. Check out our review of their New York City concert here.

4. Johan Agebjorn – Casablance Nights
We were really hoping for a new Sally Shapiro album this year, so when we heard the genius behind her was releasing an album instead, we were at first slightly apprehensive, but all fears were immediately dashed upon listening to this italo-disco masterpiece. Sally Shapiro is back in true form on the title track and Alice and Johan Agebjorn had a stroke of genius by using Queen of Hearts for the simply sublime, The Last Day of Summer (more on QOH below). We are still praying for a new Sally Shapiro album, but until then, this will do just fine.

Queen of Hearts – The Arrival
Speaking of Queen of Hearts, her debut was our top EP of the year, and a trend we are seeing a lot more of as musicians self release their material. We first became enamored with a teaser of Freestyle and it is clear her influences lie in electronics and synthpop with a nod to Kylie and Little Boots. Every track is a winner, but we are particularly taken by the aforementioned Freestyle as well as Shoot the Bullet and Where Are They Now. Best of all, she has released a gazillion of remixes that she has made available to download for free, so support your artists and get this EP – it’s priced as a bargain since it is under that of a happy hour cocktail!

2. Mirrors – Lights and Offerings
No band captured the heart and spirit of synthpop music better than Mirrors, whose album Lights and Offerings, a kind of “Best of” of the material they had released during the past couple of years, proved the genre was still very much alive and well. Although often compared to Hurts, Mirrors are the real deal and they melted our hearts with such now classic (at least to us) tracks like Into The Heart, Ways to an End, Hide and Seek and Look At Me.

1. The Sound of Arrows – Voyage
There was no debating the album that we fell in love with most this year. Nearly 4 years in the making, with enough setbacks to become a Lifetime movie of the week, Voyage was finally self-released this year, and wow, was it ever worth the wait. To describe this album as epic would be an understatement, as each track transports the listener into their magical world of innocence and hope. The album is so cohesive and accomplished, it is simply stunning that it is a debut album. Nearly every track is a winner, although we are most partial to Into The Clouds, M.A.G.I.C., My Shadow and Nova. If you haven’t heard this album, stop reading now and get this album. You will be so glad you did.

Honorable Mentionables

Washed Out: Within and Without
Space March: Monumental
Holy Ghost: Holy Ghost
Nightlife: Radio
Emmon: Nomme
Yelle: Safari Disco Club

All Hail, The Remix Queen (of Hearts)!

November 2, 2011

All hail to The Queen of Hearts, who we now have officially rechristened, “The Remix Queen.” In this viral age, getting your music out there has never been easier thanks to the advancement of laptops and software applications and sites like YouTube and Facebook. Sustaining interest in an artist, however, has become the challenge faced by musicians. It wasn’t too long ago an artist was considered only as good as his/her/their last album, but now it seems to have been cut to merely their last single. Without physical records/cds, the experience of owning music is lost and music becomes disposable; songs we download one day, become lost and forgotton in a junk pile of mp3’s the next. So why is it, that we have written about Queen of Hearts more than any other artist this year? Part of the reason is we simply adore her and have championed her since day one. But what has sustained our interest is her ability to engage and tease us with a constant rouster of new and re-imagined material and collaborations with some of the best emerging artists out there today. The Queen of Hearts has mastered social technologies like Facebook and Twitter and has the fundamental understanding that in order for an artist to thrive in this age of short-attention spans, one must always connect with your audiance. One way she does this is by constantly releasing, for free, reinterpretations of her songs through remixes. This makes her the ultimate party host  because she understands the need to entice your guests with suprises from time-to-time to keep the momentum. It’s a lesson others should heed.

Here are some of our favorite remixes…

Freestyle (Diamond Cut Single Edit)

Where Are You Now? (Fear Of Tigers Remix)

Shoot The Bullet (Le Prix Remix)

Black Star (Lois Plugged & Fruckie Remix)

Queen of Hearts – Shoot The Bullet

October 3, 2011

Stop the presses! Queen of Hearts finally delivers a full-length video! As much as we appreciate all the teaser clips she has put out these past few months, the time had come for a proper video for us to salivate over and Queen of Hearts has delivered in spades with this wonderful electronic stomper, produced by none other than The Sound of Arrows. The video features no less than 6 outfit changes and nearly as many hairstyles, lipstick and eyeshadow colors (are you listening Loreal?!) in a cohesive and effective video that lasts little over 3 minutes. As for the single, we love the soft catchy vocals and techy beats which remind us of a cross between Grace and her hit, Not Over Yet and Self Control by Laura Branigan. Shoot The Bullet appears to be the lead single off the excellent, The Arrival EP, that was released yesturday.

Queen of Hearts – Spanish Sahara

September 5, 2011

We have championed Queen of Hearts ever since she released a teaser for Freestyle that left us transfixed and still remains a strong contender for song of the year. Even though she has yet to release a proper album (her debut ep, The Arrival is due October 3), she has worked with a roster of who’s who at bop2pop (The Sound of Arrows, Johan Agebjorn, Monarchy). Spanish Sahara, a collaboration with Dreamtrak is a departure from her ready-for-the-dancefloor signature sound and proves she is just as adept at turning out a dreamy pop ballad. Spanish Sahara is a cover of a Foals track which she adds just enough kick (and removal of all things guitar) to elevate it (in our humble opinion) from dreary emo pretentiousness to pop perfection.

Spanish Sahara

Queen of Hearts – Perfect Mistake

July 27, 2011

We hadn’t heard new music from our new favorite, Queen of Hearts in awhile now, so imagine our suprise when we found out she recently made a demo track produced by another of our favorites, Monarchy. Perfect Mistake fits beautifully alongside Freestyle and Where Are You Now. We like the nice mix of melancholy and drama that seems ready-made for remixing on the dancefloor.

Queen of Hearts – Perfect Mistake

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