Polar Dear – Out Of Sight

April 2, 2012

Back in January we introduced you to a new band from Budapest called Polar Dear. Our post of their track, Even If I’m Late has gone on to be the most visited post on our blog this year and we are happy to report they are now back in great form with a video to their new single, Out of Sight. Although less immediate (i.e, less dancey) than Even If I’m Late, it does contain the same luscious synth sound we have come to love by this duo. Taking a page out of popular culture, the video appears to be inspired by the book/movie, The Hunger Games. It’s a smart move, since the film is predicted to rake in $350 in domestic sales alone. At less than 1,000 views at the time of posting, however, Out of Sight, still has a ways to go.

Polar Dear – Even If I’m Late

January 25, 2012

So we were a little late finding this track, but even if we are late, Even If I’m Late is a great track by Hungarian electropop duo, Polar Dear (Oleg Borsos and Mark Lechner). The synths are great and the boys are cute, especially when being total push overs (literally). The band is making this single available as a guilt-free download simply by visiting their website.

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