Mirrors – Into The Heart

March 3, 2011

For the unconverted synthpop lover, Mirrors may simply sound like a Hurts ripoff. Both use synthesizers and both have removed the seemingly neccessary definite article “The”. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Dig back quite a bit further musically and Mirrors are undeniably the progression in sound of OMD while Hurts captures the essence of Spandau Ballet (but in a good way). Single out now and features an amazing remix by Richard X.

Listen to and download the remix by the always incredible Marsheaux

The Sound Of Arrows – Nova

March 3, 2011

So this is my first music post. Sound of Arrows are a band from Sweden made up of Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm. Last year they released the magnificent “Into the Clouds”, which was declared song of the year by PopJustice. Now they’re back with this instantly and insanely catchy single that proceeds the debut album, produced by the always fabulous Richard X (due out in April). Enjoy this dreamy pop from a band that to me sounds like a cross between Pet Shop Boys and Dream Academy.

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