Queen of Hearts – Spanish Sahara

We have championed Queen of Hearts ever since she released a teaser for Freestyle that left us transfixed and still remains a strong contender for song of the year. Even though she has yet to release a proper album (her debut ep, The Arrival is due October 3), she has worked with a roster of who’s who at bop2pop (The Sound of Arrows, Johan Agebjorn, Monarchy). Spanish Sahara, a collaboration with Dreamtrak is a departure from her ready-for-the-dancefloor signature sound and proves she is just as adept at turning out a dreamy pop ballad. Spanish Sahara is a cover of a Foals track which she adds just enough kick (and removal of all things guitar) to elevate it (in our humble opinion) from dreary emo pretentiousness to pop perfection.

Spanish Sahara

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