Northern Kind – Daggers

bop2pop favorite, Northern Kind have released a video for a new track, Daggers, which will perform double duty, appearing on both their forthcoming album, Credible Sexy Unit AND a newly re-released, special edition of their first album Fifty Three Degrees North, that will also include remixes to two of our all-time favorite NK tracks, Crash and On & On. For the unconverted, and if you are a fan of this blog, you’re most likely already converted, Northern Kind creates some of the best, insanely catchy synthpop music around. Earlier this year, they premiered two other new tracks, Euphonic and Dreams, and we were one of the first to cover it, here. Daggers which shockingly is their very first video, continues the same synth sound we have fallen in love but adds a harsher edge, and its seductive vocals by Sarah Leicester, immediately conjures up comparisions to another one of our favorites, Billie Ray Martin.

And just in case you still need convincing of their incredible talent, check out…


On & On

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