Where Are They Now: Billie Ray Martin

April 11, 2011

Then: Billie Ray Martin began her musical career as a vocalist for the house outfit Electribe 101, but is most famous for Your Loving Arms that was released twice and both times made the UK and US charts, something unheard of in the US for a dance single. This was followed by Running Around Town and later Honey, both of which were successes on the dance charts.

Now: In 2007, Billie Ray Martin resurfaced with Undisco Me, which became a hit on the UK dance charts. Last year, in conjunction with download torrent Mininova, she released The Crackdown Project which was dance reinterpretations of classic Cabaret Voltaire tracks. The result was surprisingly sublime. She has just released a new ep, Solid Life/Fantasy Girl and she sounds better than ever. This woman is amazing.

Billie Ray Martin – Sweet Suburban Disco (Vince Clarke Remix)

Fantasy Girl (Snuff Crew Remix)

Emmon – Distance

April 7, 2011

Swedish singer Emma Nylén’s solo project, Emmon, first reached my musical consciousness in 2009 with the release of the magnificent, Closet Wanderings. There was a fun and independent sensibility to her music, a cross between Robyn and Billie Ray Martin, and it was magical. Two singles were released, Secret and Lies and Lips On Fire. Both were awesome, but after the singles she disappeared and I hadn’t heard anything about her until now. Emmon is back with a vengeance and this is to be the first single off the new album. The video is a retro tongue-in-cheek look at a seance where Emmon holds all the cards. She also occasionally breaks out with arm wailing awkward dancing (does it remind anyone else of Opus III’s Fine Day video?). Hope you enjoy it.

Emmon – Distance (Mr. Monell Remix)

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