Little Boots – Headphones (video)

Will this finally be the official return of Little Boots? For the past few months Little Boots has released a spattering of tracks that have served to tease us, but were not heavily promoted nor indicated she was ready to again conquer the UK charts. What has become certain, however, is her regrettable steadfast determination to stray from the 80s Moroder-inspired synthpop sound of her debut, Hands that was so utterly infectious. Headphones continues this trend into 90s disco house but we feel, unlike her other recent outings that its love-ability and funk-a-liciousness serves as her best yet shot at returning to former glory. In the video, Little Boots enters a Peep Show where instead of finding cheap thrills, the patrons discover their extroverted alter-egos. We are also including the Jellybean sounding Dimitri From Paris Radio Edit Remix.

Dimitri From Paris Edit

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