Trust – Sulk

Honestly, we didn’t expect that the setting for the official debut video from Toronto’s chilly electro goth outfit, Trust, would be set in a nightclub, nor did we expect it would feature badly dressed and not so dressed bikini-clad clubgoers, but it has and we will just assume the band and director are in on its irony. Regardless, the video doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of the song and isn’t that all that matters?

3 Responses to Trust – Sulk

  1. k says:

    Hi Michael,

    Really enjoying your blog. You’re doing a great job!

    Trust was new to me but already I find TRST to be one of the best and most intriguing albums of the year. Right up there in synth heaven with Night Vision (also featured at Bop2pop) and Chrom (which sadly seems to be missing from your site ;-).

    A tip for one of your next posts: Ostrich will release their debut album this Friday.


    • boptopop says:

      Wow, the Ostrich album is a really long time coming. Didn’t know it was going to be released. Will definitely check it out. As for Chrom, haven’t heard of them. Thanks for the tip. Glad you like the blog and keep up the suggestions!

      • circuit says:

        You asked for it 😉

        Talented Electro Spectre will release Dancing Girl at the 25th of May. Already available around the internet e.g. YouTube.

        Swedish indie band Paris has just released the video for Say It. One of the members is electro queen Emmon. Sweet!


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