Johan Agebjörn – Casablanca Nights (Part två)

Last year, Johan Agebjörn‘s Casablanca Nights made our list as one of the best albums of the year. This came as no surprise since Johan is the genius behind another one of our favorite artists, Sally Shapiro. Well, Johan is salivating our taste buds by returning back to Casablanca Nights and releasing two new EPs that re-imagine a couple of the album tracks! This is the kind of news that erect our ears and melt our hearts. If you prefer your music in the genre of italo-disco, there isn’t anyone doing it better out there now. Below are a couple of tracks that will appear on these new eps. First up is the album title track which replaces Sally Shaprio‘s (sigh) vocals with Spanish 80s disco artist, Alan Cook. It radically reinterprets the original by seriously upping the tempo thus making it prime for the NRG dancefloor. Next up are a couple a remixes to the album’s lead single, Watch The World Go By. The sublime Jam El Mar Tripomatic Fairytale remix strips much of the vocals, creating an easy breezy feel that is perfect for poolside. Finally, the gorgeous Nicolas Makelberge remix slows things down to an almost ballad-like crawl and is being made available as a guilt-free download. The first of the EPs, which contain the mixes of Watch the World Go By, is out now at Beatport.

Alan Cook – Casablanca Nights (produced by Johan Agebjörn & Lovelock)

Watch The World Go By (Jam El Mar Remix) ft Lake Heartbeat

Watch The World Go By (Nicolas Makelberge Remix)

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