Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive

Ladyhawke gets kidnapped by her evil doppelganger and passes time singing and strumming her guitar in Sunday Drive, the second video taken from her upcoming sophomore studio album, Anxiety. The song continues the shift away from her synthpop roots and is a deliberate move in the direction of grungy pop. The gample may alienate current fans (she does attempt to reconnect with retro keyboard swirls, but this is a mere feeble bone), but may win over the indie-light crowd. You would think with all this talk we wouldn’t like it, but gosh darn it, we do. Pip is an amazing talent with an incredible knack for turning out a catchy melody (we just wish she stuck to the same template as her debut). We may also be a bit biased after learning the inspiration for the song came from the classic documentary, Grey Gardens. Rock on, girrrrrllll.

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