Glasherz – Everlasting Glow

If Ultravox and Marc Almond had a torrid love affair that produced a love child, it might grow up and become Glasherz, an infectious new synthpop act out of Spain, whose take on classic synthpop is just starting to generate some serious waves here in the blogosphere (thank you very much EQ). From such a wealth of tracks to choose from (most in demo form), we couldn’t narrow our list, so here are a few recent ones that piqued our interest. We like Everlasting Glow, with its kinetic Moroder-esqe intro that we feel is perfectly poised for a single release. Another track, Icarus would fit comfortably on Soft Cell‘s album, “The Soul Inside.” Cellophane Sea is a breezy melodic ballad, while These Loveless Creatures sounds like Ultravox reinterpreted by Dangerous Muse . Finally Twin Galaxies returns us to Marc Almond terrain. All good stuff and worth checking out. We think we are going to hear more about these guys.

Everlasting Glow


The Cellophane Sea

These Loveless Creatures

Twin galaxies

2 Responses to Glasherz – Everlasting Glow

  1. SEKTOR IV says:

    Great great sound! Great live acts!
    You will hear a lot about Glasherz in future!
    A “must have”!

  2. SEKTOR IV says:

    Great band! Great sound and great live acts! We’ll hear a lot about Glasherz in future. Sure!


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