Blank Capsule: Compulsion

Blank Capsule is a Toronto-based band featuring members of Vitaminsforyou and Jokers of the Scene. They have just released this sexy, why bother getting dressed video for their synth-heavy, industrial-light track, Compulsion. It will be included as a digital bonus track for their upcoming single, Kill Me. The original was sung by Joe Crow, but Depeche Mode fans might recognize the track from Martin‘s solo EP, Counterfeit. We couldn’t place it at first so a special thanks to Jan who promptly reminded us.

“Compulsion” by Blank Capsule from Hi-Scores Recording Library on Vimeo.

2 Responses to Blank Capsule: Compulsion

  1. Jan says:

    Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) – Compulsion !!!

  2. boptopop says:

    OMG, of course! It was driving me nuts!!! Thank you. I will make a quick little edit 😉

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